Living Room Fall Decor Ideas I'm Using in My Home

I’m going to show you some new living room fall decor ideas. Our living room and kitchen are our most used rooms in the house, so I love to go all out for the holidays here. Read on for some unique fall living room decorating ideas.

Decorated mantel for fall

1. Decorating my tiered table

Gold lamp bottom
Gold lamp from Target


I found this little gold lamp at Goodwill for $4.99 and it is very similar to a lamp that I saw in Target. I bought a new shade, so for half the price I have a very similar lamp.

Gold tray
Leaf tray


I'm starting here on the bottom shelf with this gold ceramic tray. I'm just adding some fall florals and a little pumpkin to bring some of that color and softness from the foliage down here to the bottom shelf. I'm also displaying my leaf tray here.

Fall flowers
Decorating the middle shelf

The middle shelf

I’m placing a floral table centerpiece on the shelf with this silver pumpkin. I love to mix metals, and gold and silver look great together, so don't be afraid to mix those colors. You could also use copper, which is very on trend right now in fall decorating.

Decorating the top of the table

Top of the table

For the top of this table, I'm using the little pot I picked up at Hobby Lobby on clearance, and then I happen to have this Harvest Home book which I love to use in the fall because of the title.

This glass candle holder is from Walmart. It also comes in clear, and it comes in two different sizes. I got the smoky black. I'm placing it here on top of the book for some varying height on my table top.

Adding florals

Then we're going to add our flowers. To soften the look, I'm just taking some traditional fall-colored picks and stems and placing them here in my vase, and just fluffing them out and arranging them. I love that it softens the lines of the tabletop, the lamp, the candle holder, and the book.

Battery-powered candles

Battery-powered candles

Battery-powered candles are even better when they come with a remote control. Another little treasure I have had for years is this Fitz and Floyd candy dish, so I'm going to place that here. I will eventually fill it with some candy.

Glass amber pumpkin

Glass amber pumpkin

I picked up this little glass amber pumpkin at the Target Dollar Spot for $1.

Fall living room decorating ideas

2. Decorating a wall shelf

Wall shelf


After removing all of the existing decor, and wiping things down, it's time to start putting our fall decor back into place.

Canister and frame

Canister and frame

I recently picked up this little canister at a garage sale, a super great find, with perfect colors for fall, along with a great little framed piece of art.

Adding florals to the canister

Adding florals

I decided to remove the lid from the jar and place these florals in it to bring in a little nature and soften the arrangement. I love how the little top of the jar looks just sitting beside it.

Adding acorns to the shelf


These acorns are very pretty next to this brass candlestick, another Goodwill find for $2.99. I just added an orange candle that I picked up from Hobby Lobby. I liked the look of this shorter fatter candle but you could definitely use a taper as well.

Fall shelf
Shelf with decor

3. Decorating the dog kennel/table

Changing out seasonal decor


If you have to have a kennel or a crate for your pet, you might as well make it attractive. I am going to remove the existing decor and change it up.

Replacing the tree with a faux olive tree

Faux tree

I also replaced the other faux tree with a DIY faux olive tree.

Lamp and books

Lamp and books

This lamp was a Goodwill find. It's got these little bird details on it and it's perfect for the fall. To the table, I'm going to add a couple of books that I thrifted just to add height and layers to this little trinket box.

Gold picture stand, canvas, and candle

Gold picture stand, canvas, and candle

I'm adding a gold picture stand and framed canvas that were both thrifted. I'm adding in a hurricane candle vase with another battery-powered candle.

These candles are the best, they are safe and so easy you don't have to worry about a flame, especially if you have littles around your home, or if you're worried about forgetting to blow them out when you leave.

Gold pheasant

Gold pheasant and garland

I shared this gold pheasant in my Hobby Lobby home decor haul. It came in a pair, I split them up, and I put one on my mantle and the other one is going here.

Then to just tie in that fall feeling and soften the harsh line of the decor and the table, I'm going to place a small garland across here.

Knit pumpkins

Knit pumpkins

These knit pumpkins can sit here on the table amongst the garland.

Fall living room ideas

4. Decorating the TV console

TV console


Our TV console table has seen better days but we are going to dress it up for fall.

Turning the basket into a flat wicker tray


This basket was a Goodwill find for $3.99. It had some damage to it, it was kind of corroded on the iron pieces. But I knew that I could make it work and look beautiful. I soaked it in a water and bleach solution. That pulled off the bright varnish and toned down the color of the basket. Then I removed the handles so it became a flat wicker tray.

Wicker trays

If you don't want to go through all that work, you can get a beautiful wicker tray at Walmart.

Fall tray decor
Pumpkin decor
Pumpkin vignette

Pumpkin vignette

To style the tray, I have this plastic light-up pumpkin. It came from Dollar Tree last year from the Plus section. I'm going to add some fall florals and then again mix the gold and silver metals. I have this very heavy chain accent piece that I'm going to add to the tray.

I added two wooden pumpkins for a vignette of three pumpkins with different textures and colors for visual interest. I added a pumpkin bowl to the middle shelf to hold everyday items we want to conceal.

Gold bowl

Gold bowl

For the bottom shelf, we're going to use this oversized gold bowl. From my fall collection of home decor, I had these velvet vase filler pumpkins. We're going to put them in the bottom of the gold bowl, and then more knit pumpkins.

I believe all these came from Hobby Lobby at one point or another, and knowing Hobby Lobby, they're probably still available.

TV console with fall decor
Living room fall decor ideas

Living room fall decor ideas

I hope you are feeling inspired and motivated to get your home ready for fall. Whether you do a lot of decorating like I do, or if you just do a little bit, I hope that you saw a lot of new and fun living room fall decor ideas that you can implement this season.Let me know in the comments how you decorate your home for the fall season!

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