12 Up-and-Coming Interior Design Trends For 2024

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As 2023 comes to a close, it's time to say goodbye to the current interior design trends and look ahead at the interior design trends for 2024. These new trends will be all the rage this coming year. Let's dive right in because I have a ton to share with you today.

Gentle boldness

1. Gentle boldness

If I had to pick a main theme for pretty much all of the upcoming interior design trends, it would have to be gentle boldness.

Bold elements with soft counterparts

We're going to be seeing a lot of really bold elements, but they're going to be paired, for the most part, with softer counterparts.

Edgy sculptural furniture with softer curved pieces

So some ways in which we might see this is through pairing edgy sculptural furniture with softer curved pieces.

Hard angles mixed with softness

When you blend hard angles with softness, it helps to create an interesting and dynamic space.

Interior design with contrast

Interior design is all about contrast and I think this trend of gentle boldness really embodies that.

Vintage patterns

2. Vintage patterns

Many of the patterns we'll be seeing in 2024 are going to be striking, but we'll continue to see a lot of vintage patterns as well.

Retro and nostalgic design elements

There's definitely been an overall resurgence of interest in retro and nostalgic design elements in recent years, so any patterns that are reminiscent of the past will be welcomed.

Patterned wallpaper

Wallpaper has been on the rise for the past few years and, of course, we know that wallpaper is a great way to add pattern to a space.

Historical pattern wallpaper in new modern colorways

Many wallpaper companies are reimagining their historical patterns in new modern colorways.

Cloud mural wallpaper

If you find wallpaper boring and you want to level up your pattern game, then consider jumping on the mural trend.

Vintage-style landscape mural on wallpaper

You can choose from endless patterns, but lately, vintage-style landscape murals seem to be all the rage.

Vintage-style tapestry

If a mural is intimidating, then another upcoming trend that introduces pattern in a really cool way is through vintage-style tapestries.

Unexpected color palette in interior design

3. Daring color

Let's talk about the color interior design trends for 2024 next. In 2024, color is taking center stage with rich and unexpected color palettes stealing the spotlight in homes.

Bold but muted colors in interior design

Many designers are using bold but muted colors.

Bold accent colors

The vibe is all about having a focal point that really shines placed within a backdrop that recedes to act more like a supporting role.

Colored ceiling as a trend

Ceilings are also being coated in bold hues to add drama and visual interest to a room.

Kitchen cabinets in daring colors

Kitchen cabinets are even being painted in exciting colors that bring personality and energy to the space.

Colored carpets and area rugs

Colored carpets and area rugs are also being used to anchor and define spaces, adding depth and personality.

Colorful statement stones

Clients with deeper pockets are adding boldness to their spaces through the use of colorful statement stones.

Dopamine decor

4. Dopamine decor

In 2024, dopamine decor will become increasingly significant as it represents people's pursuit of happiness through their living spaces, making it one of the most popular living room interior design trends for 2024.

Spaces that foster positivity and joy

This trend reflects our innate desire for spaces that foster positivity and joy.

Color drenching

5. Color drenching

Color drenching is basically when you paint your entire room all in one color, including your trim, walls, and ceiling as well as any doors.

Monochromatic interior design

I think going monochromatic with tone-on-tone color can create an incredibly sophisticated and edited look.

Playfulness in interior design

6. Playfulness

Also trending in 2024 is the element of playfulness. You can see this in the ongoing trend of using whimsical details, like scalloped edges.

Colorful plumbing fixtures

Some designers are even getting creative by incorporating colorful plumbing fixtures.

Contrasting colored millwork

They're also using contrasting colored millwork to create visual contrast and highlight architectural details.

Coziness in interior design

7. Cozy obsession

The craving for cozy in the world of interiors continues too.

Cozy living room design

People are really starting to place an emphasis on feeling good in the home.

Dark paint can equal cozy

Finally, the mainstream is starting to warm up to the idea that dark paint can equal cozy.

Dark, moody interiors

So darker, moody interiors will continue to be very popular.

Cozy fabrics, such as velvet

We're also continuing to see a lot of fabrics that communicate coziness, such as velvet, speckled, two-tone fabrics, and colored boucle.

Exposed stone in a living space

8. Texture

People are really wanting to bring depth and tactile qualities into their living spaces through the use of exposed brick and stone.

Example of plaster paint, limewash paint, and Roman clay

The use of plaster paint, limewash paint, and Roman clay are also being used.

Rough, textured ceramics with irregular surfaces

Rough ceramics with their textured and irregular surfaces are another favorite way to bring interest and texture into a space.

Wood surfaces add texture and warmth to interiors

Wood surfaces add texture and warmth to interiors as well.

Tactile, warm, and inviting environment

Hardwood floors, exposed ceiling beams, and wooden furniture create a tactile, warm, and inviting environment.

1970s influence on interior design

9. 1970s influence

The influence of the 1970s on the design world has been a defining trend throughout all of the 2020s so far, and it's not going to go anywhere for a while.

1970s furniture

1970s furniture continues to play a crucial role in this resurgence.

Arches in interior design

10. Architectural features

The ongoing interest in arches reflects the desire for architectural features that we're experiencing in the design world.

Molding on walls and cabinets

In a similar vein, the use of molding to add character to homes has also seen a massive surge in popularity.

Generative AI in interior design

11. Generative AI

Another trend that I think will revolutionize the design world as we know it is generative AI. An AI-generated image is created by an algorithm, so a designer can input specific parameters, like keywords, and the AI will generate variations of images based on those keywords or guidelines.

Exploring ideas using generative AI

One of the main benefits of generative AI is that it allows designers to rapidly explore tons of different ideas without having to manually create each concept.

Ice bath disguised as a garbage bin

12. Rich people trends

The latest trend seems to be spending $6,000 on an ice bath disguised as a garbage bin.

Hiding TV with clever design

Rich people will also spend large amounts of money to hide the fact that they watch TV.

Giant range hood

We're also seeing gigantic range hoods that look like they could shelter a small village.

Wide gas ranges

And you've got to love those five-foot wide gas ranges that get installed into kitchens that literally never get used.

Home interior design trends

Interior design trends 2024

These are the top interior design trends for 2024. Share your favorite home interior design trends for 2024 with others in the comments section down below.

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    What is a "Statement Stone?" I think the new dark, moody look belongs in the past, not the future.
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    i’m not interested in these trends . They don’t appeal to me at all !