Modern Farmhouse Fall Decor: Decorate With Me This Season

Do you love the aesthetic of modern farmhouse decor? Well, great news! Today, I'm sharing some newly released modern farmhouse fall decor just in time for the season. And I’ll be decorating my own home with these exciting finds, so come fall decorate with me.

New light fixtures

Light fixtures

We're starting off by installing beautiful new light fixtures on each side of our French doors. I love the gold accent and character it brings to this space. And what I love most about it was I was able to cut the cords and make this something that can be used with just light bulbs that are rechargeable. So a great inexpensive little project there.

Asymmetric rug
Rug by the door
Rug from Revival Rugs


Next, I'm heading into my entryway, and I'm changing up our rug in there to give that space a little bit more of a story and some extra character when you enter our home. To do so, we're bringing in this beautiful rug from Revival Rugs.

It’s an authentic vintage rug, and it's imperfect yet beautiful. The ends have a completely different look. One of them has a frayed look, and the other has a really polished look at the end.

Modern farmhouse fall decor

Bar stools

We also got these beautiful new bar stools, and I love them. They are the industrial farmhouse stools by Cotton and Crete, and I personally just think they give the perfect amount of farmhouse even in a modern home. They just look really, really beautiful, and I love the fact that you can use them for any height of a bar or counter area.

So if you move or anything like that, or you want to move it to a desk space, you totally can, and they’ll work in multiple different spaces.

Putting up family picture frames

Picture frames

Now, I decided that I was going to go ahead and go with my gut feeling by moving these beautiful photos from our bedroom out into our family area. Since our bedroom is a little bit more like a modern coastal feel, those other beautiful frames will look perfect in there because they’ve got that black kind of matte finish, and I think they’ll just go so, so well with that style.

Ice maker machine

Ice machine

I just feel like there are a million projects to do, and sometimes I have a hard time sharing my own home with others because I want all those projects to be done, but they just seem to be never-ending. And I'm sure you guys totally understand what I mean by that.

Now, I'm just making my husband and me some tea right now, and I'm gonna make iced tea out of it. We have this really great ice machine. Our ice machine is broken on our fridge, the freezer part of our fridge, and so we got a small ice machine, and it's called the Gevi or the Gevi Ice Maker.

It's got such a cute aesthetic to it, and I love how much ice it makes. Plus, it's super crunchy just like that hospital ice. I'm sure a lot of mamas out there know what I'm talking about. It's a lot less noisy than I anticipated which is great. I do wake up fairly early in the morning, as early as 4:20 in the morning a few days a week and so if I want to bring an iced drink to go, this is great. I don't have to turn off my ice maker or anything like that.

Faux olive tree

Outdoor space

I feel like lately I've been sharing a lot of our outdoor space, and I just want to give you guys a little look into what that's looking like. This is a faux olive tree that I got maybe a year or two ago, and I was gonna list it on Facebook Marketplace because I've got so many other trees inside, but I thought it'd be fun to just bring it out here instead. I kind of love the way that's looking. I think it kind of completes that gazebo space, and it's just really really fun.

Outdoor decor

Outdoor decor

I'm kind of doing some minor random decorating here as well. I installed a beautiful seed sign, and I'm adding a few pieces that are from Cotton & Crete's website. Plus, I’m adding some yummy drinks out here since our friends are coming over this evening. Just making it as fun and festive for the night to come as I can, and I made some really yummy muffins that can be staged as well.

Drinks and muffins setup

I love the way this all looks. It’s just very aesthetically pleasing, and it looks put together. I wish I could have it look like this every single day.

Assembling the heater

Outdoor heater

Now, we also have a heater out in this space which works perfect for game nights. I'm really, really excited about it because where we live, it gets so cold at night. So I’m really really happy about this great little find, and I actually didn't end up finishing the build of it. My husband and our friend finished it, so I was really thankful for that. It ended up being a little bit more tricky than I anticipated for myself.

Modern farmhouse fall decor

I hope you guys enjoyed all of the modern farmhouse decor ideas I shared with you today. Now is the perfect time to find modern farmhouse fall decor at stores near you and online. So take a look and spruce up any space in your home with fall-inspired products that you love. What’s your favorite fall decor item this year? Let me know in the comments down below.

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