My Spring Decorating Ideas & Farmhouse Home Tour

Welcome to my 2023 spring home tour. It isn’t always easy to come up with new and exciting spring decorating ideas each year, but I do love the challenge. Step into my world and glean some unique spring decor ideas of your own.

Spring decorations on the exterior of the house

We recently did a landscape refresh on the front of our home, which turned out really well. In addition to the new greenery and flowers, we added some of our favorite spring decorations outside.

Decorating the front porch for spring

Our front porch is almost the whole length of our house and sometimes, it can be very challenging to decorate.

Front porch spring home decor

But this year we’ve managed to curate spring home decor pieces that fit the space quite well.

Spring entryway

Now, let's go inside. When you step inside my door, you not only step into my entrance, but a huge open floor plan with my entry, dining room, kitchen, and living room all combined.

I try my best to make it all flow together.

Spring dining space
Quilt on the back of a chair

That quilt on the back of the chair was one of two from my grandmother. Although it's beginning to fade, my thoughts of hers will never fade.

Spring scene on the TV

I try to always keep something on my TV screen because otherwise it just looks like a big black box in the room.

Comfy La-Z-Boy sofa

I get asked a lot where my sofa is from. It's a La-Z-Boy from La-Z-Boy Furniture. We've had it for quite some time, and we just love it.

Large lantern decorated for spring

When I purchased this huge lantern from Hobby Lobby, I did not at the time realize how challenging it would be to decorate for each season. So for this spring, I added my aqua jar, set it on a riser, and added some adorable little purple flowers.

Bruce hardwood flooring

A lot of you ask about our floors. Our floors are a Bruce hardwood 5-inch wide natural hickory, and we purchased them from Lowe's.

Simple spring tablescape

So here is my tablescape, just something very simple for my husband and I.

Hutch decorated for spring

I get asked a lot about my hutch. My husband made that for me. And I love just cramming it full of all of my treasures that I find thrifting and some of my dishes.

Hanging a wreath on the front of the hutch

I love hanging a wreath on the front of my hutch.

Spring foyer

You can see it sits right by my entrance as you come in the door.

Spring bedroom

I'm going to take you to the master bedroom. This is a huge king-size bed. We've had it for 20 years and we are thinking about downsizing to a queen-size.

Chair decorated for spring

In our bedroom, these are nightstands that you're seeing here by this chair. They do not fit on each side of the bed and the bed doesn't fit between the windows on that side of the wall. So it's just been a challenge in here.

Bathroom decorated for spring

Next, I'm going to take you into the master bathroom. We are thinking about replacing the vanity.

Lighting in the bathroom

We're the only ones here so it's not worth our time and money to update everything else.

Step-in shower

There’s a huge step-in shower and we're going to leave that and the tile floor. I do like the colors in here.

Hot maple toddy from Candleberry with a cozy

Before moving on to the kitchen, I just want to share this. A lot of you know that this is my favorite candle, the hot maple toddy from Candleberry.

The color doesn't always work, so I made these little sleeves that go over my candle jars for different seasons. Yes, those are little farmhouse chicken buttons that I added on some of that linen fabric, and it brightens them up for the season and I just love it.

Farmhouse kitchen

Now in my farmhouse kitchen, everything has to be very functional because I cook almost every day.

Vintage farmhouse kitchen decor

I like to add some of my old vintage items along with some new items, and you'll see that throughout my kitchen.

Foot pedal trash can

This upcoming area is something that you guys don't get to see often. I didn't have that much space so I have one trash can that I got from Bed Bath & Beyond with a little foot pedal on the floor, which works great here in our kitchen.

Storage and decor pieces in the kitchen

Above that, I have storage and decor pieces.

Mudroom space

This is the mudroom and I have been wanting to work on this since we moved in.

Laundry room door

To the right, that is the laundry room.

Inside the laundry room

Here is the view as you step inside.

Folding and storage area

To the left is a folding area and storage.

Large washer and dryer

The large washer and dryer.

Shelves with decor

And lots of shelves and decor above that.

Small closet in the laundry room

The door straight ahead is just a little closet, more like a coat closet.

View from the mudroom to the kitchen

Here is another view you guys don't see very often coming from my mudroom looking through my kitchen.

Low microwave

You will see that when we redid this kitchen, my microwave was put down low. I'm very short. I'm only five feet tall and I did not like pulling hot things out of the microwave above my head, so that's how we designed it.

Spring decorating ideas

I am standing here in the kitchen and looking out into the dining room, entry, and living room. My sideboard is over on the other wall. And this is what it looks like for my spring decor.

Spring decorating ideas

I hope this tour helped you discover new spring decorating ideas that inspire you.

Finding pieces you love is the first step in creating a space that feels fresh and appealing. How do you think I did? Share your opinion in the comments section.

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