Decor Ideas & Spring Home Tour With an Antique Farmhouse Vibe

Today we have a new spring home tour for your enjoyment. We have Krista back from Sassy Pickins sharing her very own antique farmhouse spring decor with us.

I can't wait for you guys to get inspired by all of the latest farmhouse spring decor ideas she has put together so, without further ado, let's get started:

Entryway with spring decor


This is my entryway. You guys have probably noticed that I changed it here from last time.

Gallery wall

I've added a gallery wall with some signs, some vintage paintbrushes, and some gardening stuff.

Spring decor items

I also found a little apron, a throw, a bunny picture, and this little stuffed bunny down here.

Tulips in the bathroom
Hutch decorated with eggs and birds nests


Over here is the bathroom. Here, I added some fresh tulips and another bunny picture.

Dining room

On the dining room hutch, I added some eggs and a couple of little bird’s nests.

Hutch with spring decor

This hutch is always fun to change in and out. You know me, recycle pieces throughout the house, like plates, cake stands, platters, and pitchers. I also added a bunny, a carrot, some faux greenery, and a bird statue.

Updated living room

Living room

You probably noticed some things that used to be upstairs are now downstairs. I love to, you know, recycle through my house and change things.

Framed TV

For Christmas, I got a framed TV. I love it. It's a lot of fun. You put all of these different portrait pictures on it. They have so many different kinds. I want to get the frame around it, which I'm still working on. At some point, I'll have that.

Using a pie cabinet for storage

Over here is one of my old pie cabinets. I store my candles in it and books.

Mantel decorated for spring

On top of my mantel, I added some glass bottles, a couple of mason jars, and a little bunny.

Fireplace with a piano cover

This is the piano cover that I refinished and added to our fireplace.

Bedroom decorated for spring


This is my bedroom. On the right, I created a gallery wall. I used some old picture frames and a little bag of flowers. I also added an old vintage chandelier.

Pies inside the pie cabinet


These were once fresh pies in my little pie cabinet here, and I took them outside to brush polyurethane all over them, probably three coats or so. I let them dry for a few days and now they are solid and don't mold.

I've also done that with a loaf of French bread before. So it's kind of a fun little trick if you didn't know about that.

Buffet decorated for spring

Over here is my buffet.

Easter and spring decor

I added some tulips, some cute little Easter eggs, and some other spring touches, like bunnies and birds, here and there.

Artichokes with tealights

I thought these place settings were fun. They include little artichokes with tea lights.

Spring tablescape

On my secondary table, I did a spring tablescape.

Spring centerpiece with turned over plant pots

I added some terracotta pots in a variety of sizes, some little glass jars of baby's breath, some neutral eggs, some wood ones, some moss and baby's breath in the pots, and a bunch of eucalyptus garland.

Birds nest place setting

To the place settings, I added a little bird's nest with eggs and some linen napkins I purchased on Etsy a few years back. This is a cute little spring tablescape.

Storing dishes and china in a cabinet

Here is one of my cabinets where I like to store dishes and china.

Spring decor inside the cabinet

I also have a little bit of decor inside of here as well.

Vintage spring decor

I put some more vintage pieces up here on top too.

Spring farmhouse

Well, you guys, I hope you enjoyed touring my home and that it gave you some ideas for different things that you can do around your house.

Spring farmhouse

I hope you enjoyed Krista’s spring home tour as much as I did. There is just something extra special about spring farmhouse decor this time of year.

What pieces are you hoping to find? Share the purchases you plan to make in the comments section.

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