Antique Farmhouse Cottage Home Tour - Decor Inspiration

I am excited to have Jessica from Itty Bitty Farmhouse on Instagram for today's cottage home tour. She has a beautiful antique farmhouse-style home that incorporates a lot of antique vintage items. Let's go ahead and visit Jessica's home and get inspired by her today:

Hey everyone, I'm Jessica from Itty-Bitty Farmhouse, and I want to share my after-Christmas home tour with you. Right after Christmas, my favorite thing to do is refresh, declutter, and make everything cozy because winter is here, and we want to be warm.

I also like to bring in some greenery to refresh the home because winter can be very depressing. I will show you my favorite spots in the home and tell you about some of my favorite pieces.


This is our front entryway, and I wanted to make a statement, like a shiplap, and bring in the vintage feel, use blankets to add coziness, and with this chippy piece of furniture right here that it's on.

I got that from one of my favorite vendors in North Carolina. I love it. She has an excellent picking style.

Master bedroom

I'm going to take you into our master bedroom. Here, I did something really fun. I obviously have a rug, but I also have a hook that I made out of an old piece of shiplap and some vintage hooks, and then I wallpapered a wall here.

I didn't want to do a couple of pieces here and there. I wanted to make a statement, so I did this whole wall with wallpaper, and then we also added in the mantel.

This mantel was brown when we got it, and then I just put some paint on it, but I didn't want it perfect because I didn't want to go back and do the sanded look.

I wanted to make it look more vintage, so I dry-brushed it and added the faux brick.

We did add that pop of copper with our ceiling fan and, of course, some fresh greenery.

Dividing wall

Then we did this shiplap to match that side of the entryway and found this piece local to North Carolina. It came out of an old furniture factory. I love how it has got the wear and tear.

I picked the shelving unit up from another one of my favorite vendors, and I love how it holds dishes and storage and matches the high chair.

I recently picked up this Country Fresh Egg porcelain sign.

It's double-sided. When you're looking for vintage items, if you find double-sided, you truly know they're vintage because many reproduction things are not double-sided.

I have an actual plant there. I have some baskets to layer because I love to layer and use texture.


Next is our kitchen. I'm a little bit obsessed with this area right now. There were a lot of cabinets up here, and I took them down, and now we have open shelving. I have another piece of architectural salvage.

This is one of my favorite areas right here because I love all the cutting boards, the seltzer bottles, and the layering of the peg rack with the cutting boards.

Laundry room

Here's our laundry room. That door is an antique one that I picked up, and I had to keep it white. The backside is black, and the side is brown.

We do have the faux brick in here with some layering shelves, a big chunky blanket, and some more greenery.

To me, greenery, blankets, and layering are cozy, and I love having our house cozy and welcoming at home when guests come over.

Dining room

Next is our dining room. Our dining room is a little different because I wanted to make something for our chandelier that many people do not have. I took an old painter's ladder, and we did a chandelier through it and then just draped it, and you can move it if you need to.

I have something chippy on the table, an old ice cream bucket.

Guest bedroom

I just created this DIY on that wall with some leftover wallpaper, and it has vintage wallpaper brushes. It's a little different. We have this bed that was at a flea market, and I picked it up, and I had it painted white.

I used to have one like this when I was a kid, but it was just a smidge different and much taller than this one. So, I decided to keep this one since I have little fur babies who like to visit our guests, and they like to get in bed with them.

Then we did the basket collage over the bed.

That chest right there is my grandma's hope chest. I love using hand-me-down pieces from all over, those pieces mean so much to me.


An office can either be dark and gloomy because you're at work, or you can make it look super fun and super cozy. So, we did these fun lights, shiplap, some open shelving, and the lockers to hold our stuff.

We kept more of an industrial farmhouse look like we did in the laundry room.

We have an old briefcase.

I got this from a family friend, too, and it still has the stamp that he had for his stamps to mail out. I put some greenery here because we want to do greenery in each room.

Cottage home tour

Thank you for coming on our cottage home tour and letting me share my vintage pieces. Do you have a cottage home? Share your decorating style in the comments below.

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