Studio Apartment Interior Design Tour in Southwest London

Gia Lulic
by Gia Lulic

We are in Southwest London with designer Anna Monich touring her incredible studio flat. Let’s go on a tour so you can see some unique studio apartment interior design ideas. Here’s what Anna has to say:

Studio apartment

1. My inspiration

I take my inspiration from classic English interiors and Bauhaus German functional interior and design schools. I like to merge those two styles to create functional designs, which means plenty of storage.

Storage in a studio apartment

2. Storage

Bespoke joinery was very important to me for my flat because it’s a small space and that’s the only way to maximize storage. I had to be creative about the materials and I developed this formula which I now use on quite a few projects.

So, instead of getting spray-painted joinery, which can be pricey, I use EGGER material, which is Austrian prefabricated boards, for the cupboard fronts, interiors, and shelving.

How to interior design a studio apartment
Studio apartment layout
Establishing zones in a studio apartment

3. Zones

It was important for me to have different “zones” in this flat. It can be quite feminine on one side and masculine with an all-black hallway on the other side.

Photo collage

4. My style

My style is kind of baroque and kind of 1970s. It all represents who I am. When you reach a certain age, you realize you are not just one or not just one style and there are so many different sides to your personality to explore.

My favorite piece of furniture is my 1970s desk which has lucite sides and a faux alligator top. I’m a huge fan of 1970s design, both American and Italian, and even French.

Mixing colors in a space

5. Mixing colors

There are many complementary colors in this space but they all work well together. I didn’t want it to be boring with matchy-matchy colors. There’s definitely a storyline that runs around the space.

Organized perfumes and toiletries
Curating a vignette

6. Curator’s eye

It’s important to have a collector’s eye approach to curate and collect your pieces in your space to create a personal collection. Loving your pieces is really important. However, to make it work together you need to use a few techniques and skills.

Small kitchen interior design
Wall sconce
Fruit bowl with dragon fruits and a pineapple
Kitchen in a studio apartment

7. Kitchen

I have my mini-fridge, Zip Tap for boiling, chilled, and sparkling water, which is a small luxury I allowed myself to have here. I have my bar area. I can fit a lot of things in that little kitchen because of the storage I built into the space.

Studio apartment interior design ideas
Sofa in a studio apartment
Studio apartment interior design
African side table from an antique store

8. Living room

I have some pieces in the living room from South Africa, which I visited. This African side table came from an antique shop.

Bathroom decor
Bathroom in a studio apartment
Statuette in a bathroom

9. Bathroom

It’s very small but I used some techniques like avoiding any divisions or enclosures in the walk-in shower. Instead, there’s a seamless glass panel. There are no trims around anything. I also installed symmetrical tiling so the space is easy on the eyes.

Grandmother's embroidery
Baroque sconces

10. My favorite family heirloom

The needlework was made by my grandma when she was 20 and she passed away a few years ago so I kept and restored this embroidery. I framed it and placed it with baroque sconces to add some humor to the space.

It’s a very dear piece to me. I grew up seeing this needlework in grandma’s house and it always reminds me of home and my childhood.

Studio apartment interior design tour

Anna believes that the home of a Londoner needs to have different furniture styles and pieces to reflect complex, worldly personalities. Her studio apartment interior design ideas exemplify that philosophy. Let us know in the comments what you think of this eclectic studio apartment?

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