Notting Hill Interior Design: Take a Tour of a London Flat

Gia Lulic
by Gia Lulic

Sit back and relax as Australian-born Londoner Danielle takes us through her gorgeous nature-inspired Notting Hill London apartment tour.

The interiors embrace both her and her Canadian partner’s love for nature and the outdoors. This Notting Hill apartment’s interior design is simple but personalized. Let’s take a tour of this London flat.

Decor with natural fibers and textures
Bringing the outdoors inside

The overall theme

My partner and I, we're both very outdoorsy people. I'm Australian, he's Canadian and in our home, we wanted it to reflect who we are. We wanted lovely natural fibers and textures and that sense of living with the outdoors inside.

Large sofa
Leather chair with cushion

The sofa and seating

Adam had complete say over the couch that we ended up getting which is a mammoth thing that can fit about six people on it.

We were able to agree on a lighter sort of gray material, a light gray fabric and we were able to put a load of cushions and throws over to break up that solid feel

Adam had a couple of ottomans at his house and I was able to get them refabricated in the same fabric that we bought the couch in.

Round, light, cane coffee table
Putting a butler's table on top
Butler's table

The coffee table

I wanted a coffee table with a lighter feel because we had the really heavy structure of the couch so an oak coffee table would have felt too heavy.

We have a nice juxtaposition against the heaviness of the sofa and the fireplace with a round, light, practical coffee table. I had a butler's table built so that when people are over we can put the butler's table on top and everyone can have their drinks on it.

Sculptural lamp
Eclectic art

Eclectic art

The art is a bit of an eclectic mix. For example, here’s one of our sculptural lamps.

Picture of Bondi Beach

There's a picture of Bondi Beach on our wall that Adam got for my birthday. Bondi Beach is one of my favorite spots.

Art piece made by the owners

The art that we have in the corner of the bar unit I drew for Adam for his birthday.

Ivan Usovich artwork

In the hall, we have a couple of pieces that I bought as a pair by an artist called Ivan Usovich.

Photos from Tanzania

We have photos from our trip to Tanzania, which was such a special trip for both of us that we really wanted to highlight that in our home.

Salvador Dalí print

And then we have a Salvador Dalí print that I found at an antique store in Bonifacio in Corsica. There are only a handful of prints made of this particular piece.

Garden flowers and seating area
Garden bench

The garden

Someone put a lot of love into the garden which includes a beautiful, old, and established magnolia and fiddle tree, rose bushes, and climbing wisteria. In the spring it’s beautiful and I spend a lot of time sitting out there.

Large dining table in the garden

Dining table

We have a lovely big dining table out there that seats about 10 people so we have a lot of fun over the summer entertaining and grilling out there.

Living room

Bronze three-tower stack bar

Our bar

I found this little bronze three-tower stack bar. It has a nice Art Deco feel to it but it’s not too overpowering. The crystal decanter was a Christmas present for Adam.

Living room with fireplace
Wooden acoustic guitar

The guitar

The beautiful wooden acoustic guitar and guitar box is such a beautiful piece of art. A couple of our friends who are musically gifted often pick it up and play it when they visit.

Bedframe and bedding
Cowhide rug on the floor

The bedroom

The theme of bringing the outdoors inside continues in the bedroom. We have a sumptuous bed frame but we mixed it up a little with cowhide on the floor.

Rattan nightstand
Cane rocking chair


We have touches of rattan and cane in this room, including the beautiful cane rocking chair.

Plants by the window
Candle in a lantern


When you enter the bedroom there’s a lovely large candle lantern that is lit at night and with the door open, it’s a romantic look.

Mirror with flowers
Wrought iron and wood console table
Entryway with decor

Wrought iron touches

I wanted the house to tie together, from the wrought iron framed mirror at the front of the home down to the wrought iron and wood console in our entryway.

Notting Hill interior design

The interior of this London flat has an amazing vibe. It’s beautiful and filled with personal touches. What do you think of this Notting Hill apartment’s interior design? Let us know in the comments.

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