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Gia Lulic
by Gia Lulic

Talented London-based interior designer, Anna Monich, takes us through her latest interior design project. Her unique taste is reflected in this apartment’s interior design as she creates a beautiful home for her inspiring client. It’s both timeless and eclectic artfully blended; Anna takes us on a tour…

West London apartment building
Eclectic interior design
Layered interior design

1. Inspiration

My client told me how she lives and that’s how we put things together and made these divisions of space work so well. At first, she thought she wanted something completely different–something more classic, safe, and glamorous.

We ended up creating a more eclectic sort of interior. We layered and merged different periods and styles of furniture and color, including some classic touches.

Wall art display
Showcasing an art collection
Incorporating art pieces

2. Art

My client loves art and she had her art collection before we started on her project. This was our main brief to make sure we incorporated all the art pieces very well.

Apartment kitchen
Wine shelves
Statement light fixtures
Walnut cabinets in a kitchen

3. Kitchen

The cabinets are walnut for a beautiful, warm kitchen. The wood complements the artwork. The small detail of the wood dictated the whole project and it works so well. My client is very tall so we made the kitchen cabinets higher than standard height.

Bar area in the apartment

4. The bar

My favorite part is the bar. We designed the bar around the sign that she has there.

Storage with nice design
Counter with storage
Small storage space

5. Storage

We added lots of small storage details that added up. There are shelves under the bar unit and sideboard. And look at the sliver of storage space between the sofa and kitchen counter.

Bedroom with blue, black, and gray
Art Deco elements in a living room
Hotel-style look bedroom

6. Bedroom

I was inspired by Art Deco elements for the bedroom design. I wanted to create a uniform, hotel-style look for her because she likes glamor and large things.

Shoe storage
The shoe storage in the bedroom is almost like a piece of art in itself. We matched the wallpaper to her wardrobe to make it look seamless, like it just wrapped all the way around the room.

Feminine elements
Masculine elements
Neutral colors in a space
Mixing masculine with feminine

7. Neutral tones

You wouldn’t necessarily walk into this apartment and think it’s a woman’s space. The neutral colors make the space very flexible. It’s part of my signature style to work with masculine and feminine aspects of a space.

My client feels like the space is quite feminine. But I think the definitions of masculine and feminine these days have shifted and changed so much. For a well-rounded person, it’s important to have both masculine and feminine aspects represented in a space.

Apartment with eclectic design
Well-curated eclectic space
Tip for eclectic design

8. Tip for eclectic design

A well-curated space is eclectic without being chaotic. A person has to listen to their intuition, develop good taste, and curate pieces to design an eclectic space successfully.

Once you have that vocabulary and knowledge that speaks to you, that’s when you start listening to your intuition. It’s all an organic process. Intuition and knowing your personality are more important than following rules.

Apartment tour

This London apartment’s interior design is one of Anna’s most signature projects. It incorporates her client’s personality along with Anna’s inspirational designs. Let us know in the comments. what you think of the feminine and masculine look of interior design today. But also, let us know what you think about eclectic design.

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