Take an Interior Design Tour of This West London Flat

Gia Lulic
by Gia Lulic

I've been at this flat for six months now. It's on a very long street in a period of conversion. When I arrived it was newly renovated, which is so unusual for a London flat. It's very, very spacious.

It's a mezzanine so the actual room has been split between two levels, and I love the fact that the sleeping area is separate from the living space.

One of the things that I loved most about it is that it was a very muted color palette, so the floorboards are gray and the walls are white, and it's got this big, beautiful window and amazing lights hanging from the ceiling, which give it such a modern touch. I also love the metal brass detail throughout.

Honestly, It's been such a fun process to rent a flat that is completely a blank canvas, to choose all of my own furniture, and to select the layout. Want to learn even more about it? Join me on this flat tour in London right now.

London apartment building

It's taken me six months to finish decorating this flat to a standard where I feel like I want to host a London apartment tour for others. So join me as I point out the top design features I’m most proud of.

Open space in the apartment

One thing that was important to me was that I got furniture that still allowed for a lot of space. The main idea was I still had everything I needed in terms of working space and a place to relax, but I also wanted to have a lot of open space if I wanted to dance around my room, go jogging on the spot, or not bump into things.

Furniture directed toward the natural light

The other thing that I wanted to ensure was that the furniture was directed toward the light that was coming in through the apartment.

Pinterest pin as interior design inspiration
Dusty pink and dark green in interior design

The way I went about decorating this space is I went on Pinterest and found a picture, which is one I found really inspiring, then decided to kind of model the layout and also the furniture that I bought for the space around it.

The color scheme I used was dusty pink and dark green, so you'll see the sofa is this dark green color. I love it because it's actually pretty comfortable considering that it wasn't very expensive, and it also doubles up as a bed. I can have people come and stay without any fuss at all.

Bohemian cotton rug

I try to use different textures as well. The rug is like cotton, a little bit bohemian, but it's also quite muted as well.

Furniture that doubles as storage

I needed to get some furniture that was going to enable me to host but also double up as extra storage.

Rack for storing clothes

One of the issues I had when I moved in here was that there was no storage at all. I just had a chest of drawers and then I had to figure out how to manage all the clothes that I have.

The solution that I came to was to have this rack that was going to double up as a decoration, making the apartment look lived in but also somewhere where I could have all the clothes that I’m frequently wearing.

Clothes rack

This has meant that I have to put my winter clothes in a suitcase when it's summer and vice versa, but it has also allowed me to go through my clothes very frequently and see what I'm wearing and what I'm not wearing.

Gold accents in decor

I wanted to have golden accents throughout the space, so you'll see the table has gold edging, the mirror, and there's also the candle holders.

Display piece with a framed feather

There's this beautiful little display that my best friend got me with the feather.

Round furniture

The other thing that was really important was to make sure that some of the furniture was rounded rather than all square.

Furniture with soft lines

I love soft lines and these walls are curved a bit, so I wanted to imitate these soft lines in the furniture.

Colorful prints with mixed frames

I decided to get prints that were quite colorful but also to mix the frames to give the room a bit of an eclectic feel.

Artwork of Notting Hill

The one of the door is by an artist who sells his work at Portobello Market and what I loved about this one is it's all made up of little tiny photos that he's taken around Notting Hill to make the picture. I loved the amount of work that went into it and how it turned out.

Print with London houses and cherry blossoms

The print at the bottom is one of London houses, and I love cherry blossoms so I really wanted to have that on my wall.

Retro Poets and Punks poster

I love this Poets and Punks poster. I just think it's really retro, and it's so different from the other prints that I have.

Print of The Kiss by Gustav Klimt

Also Klimt’s The Kiss. You'll see a lot of this print around my apartment.

When I was really young, I noticed my grandma had this print hanging right outside her apartment weirdly in the hallway, and it stuck with me.

Print of Bridget Bardot

As far as the print of Bridget Bardot is concerned, I just love how she looks so at ease and so cool. It's an inspiring picture.

Vogue print

The print of Vogue is a random story of how my picture got into one of the British Vogue magazines. After my best friend and I did a random photo shoot and she worked for a jewelry company that was acquainted with Vogue magazine at the time, it ended up being one of their advertising pages.

London apartment tour

It’s always fun to tour London flats but this particular flat tour in London is special to me because it’s my personal home. As I walked you through it, I hope you picked up some London flat design ideas you can use no matter where you live around the globe.

What elements of London flat design do you like most? Share your preferences with others in the comments section provided.

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