6 Cheap Ways to Make Your Home Look Expensive

I want to talk to you about cheap ways to make your home look expensive. I have a mini shopping guide for you that you can use when you're out and about to make sure that you're not buying things that look cheap.

There's nothing wrong with shopping for home decor on a budget. Here are just a few straightforward tips that I think are helpful when shopping in any dollar store or shopping low-end.

White towels vs colorful patterned towels

1. White decor

When in doubt, go for white on a budget. White is a foolproof way to give you a luxe feel on a budget, and it's easily bleached, which means it's great if you have pets, children, or even adult spillers. A fluffy white bed and white towels in your bathroom scream hotel vibes, and it tends to look higher-end even when it's not.

White bed linen and towels are timeless. Like the vintage Chanel bag that never goes out of style, neither will these. I think the more timeless pieces you have in your home will appear more expensive and withstand all the trends that come and go. When in doubt, white it out, baby.

Dark and light neutrals

2. Colors in decor

Maybe you're not down with the white. Do you need a little bit of color in your life? No problem. Buying colored pieces in lower-end shops is a little tricky because they tend to look lower quality, and that's not the vibe that we want to go for.

Avoid buying bright colors when you're shopping at lower-end stores. Instead, at these cheaper stores, a better choice is to choose black, white, or any other dark neutral for a more expensive look.

I'm not saying don't put these colors in your home if you love them and want to use them in your house. In this case, I think it's better to invest more money to buy a higher quality piece just so that you don't risk it looking cheap.

Print bedsheets vs solid color bedsheets

3. Prints and patterns

Along with avoiding those bright colors, it's also better to avoid prints or patterns when shopping at these cheaper stores. The cheap patterns and prints often look cheap at these stores; it's better to spend more money to splurge and buy something that has a higher quality, so that it doesn't look cheap for an inexpensive fix.

Stick to solid prints if you want a more expensive look without the price tag. This goes for your pillows, bedding, blankets, towels, rugs, etc. I compared two very similarly priced duvet sets. They're both for full-size beds, and they're both from Walmart. One is a solid, and one is a print. It's obvious which one looks more expensive, the solid color set.

So when shopping on a budget, avoid those prints and patterns and stick to solid colors to create a more expensive look.

Decanting liquids into refillable bottles

4. Use refillable bottles

I'm all about saving money and love buying things in bulk. I love buying giant things of shampoo and olive oil. It makes me happy. However, those bottles remove that luxury feel in my bathroom or kitchen. Instead of displaying those ugly bottles on our shelves, disguise them by pouring them into reusable bottles. You can easily find these in dollar stores or from Amazon and choose some that match your style.

It's an easy way not only to make your bathroom look more expensive but also to give the illusion of less clutter because there's less chaos going on because you've removed all of the ugly labels. Get a good deal on your shampoos, conditioners, and olive oils, but disguise the bottle.

Fake plants vs real plants

5. Use real plants

That might be a little difficult if you have a pet. We even have vending machines in the subway stations that are full of fake flowers, and they look very fake, which of course, is a safer investment. Often the artificial plants and flowers look artificial and cheap.

You can spend some serious money to invest in real-looking fake plants, but if you don't want to shell out money on that, buy real ones. Creating an environment in your living space that incorporates plants not only looks super classy but also improves your mood and can help bring happiness to you and your space.

Cheap ways to make your home look expensive

6. Keep your home organized

What you keep your things organized in can either make or break that luxe vibe we got going on. Avoid buying colored plastic containers. Wire baskets, clear plastic, or even fabric boxes look more expensive. These options aren't much more expensive and will go so far in creating that expensive feel.

Wire baskets can be used in your pantry or for organizing your clothes. When it comes to organizing your pantry, instead of choosing a solid-colored plastic container, opt for the clear ones instead. Not only does this look more expensive when you can get these for very cheap in the dollar stores, but it's also going to be easier to see exactly what you have in your pantry.

When it comes to storing your clothes or any extra bedding, fabric boxes are a great choice that you can find for a cheap price. Just like the color guide we talked about, go for these in solid dark prints so that they look more expensive. Say no to all of the colored plastic. Step up your game by spending either the same amount of money or just a couple of dollars more to get wire baskets, clear plastic containers, or fabric boxes.

Cheap ways to make your home look expensive

If you're heading out for a little retail therapy, you can use these steps for cheap ways to make your home look expensive. What tips do you have for creating an expensive look on a budget? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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  • Mary Mary on Jan 08, 2024
    Good idea, and it helps w/ Germs
  • P P on Apr 27, 2024
    wire shelves & baskets let small things fall thru the spaces or make standing smaller items up difficult - the solution is a thin sheet of clear plexiglass, plastic or acrylic on top of or lining the basket - the clear front of the box our door hardware came in is currently making one wire shelf more usable - the front of the box Barbie came in makes our soap & dishwashing detergent caddy more water resistant & less likely to rust. The thin acrylic used for fronts of cheap picture frames like those sold in drugstores can be scored then snapped to size, cuts like butter if have a bandsaw, or may be able to cut with shop scissors. USE EYE PROTECTION IF CUTTING ANYTHING!