How to Find the Perfect Rug for Your King-Sized Bed

by Redeux_style

It's time for a little home decor tip! I'm going to share with you guys right now the size of the rug and the placement that I'm going to put under our king-sized bed in our bedroom. Check it out!

Our bedroom in our new house is a lot bigger than the bedroom in our old house, so I can definitely do a much larger rug. It just depends on the size of your bedroom as to what size rug you're going to use.

But I personally opted for a 10 by 14 Ruggable, and I'll explain the difference between choosing the size here in a minute.

When you get a rug this big, Ruggable send you two underneath mats, so you don't have one giant mat.

You just roll one piece out, the length that you want it, and kind of get it set where you want it in the room, and then you can lay your second piece out.

Once you're done with that, you just take the top piece of the rug, the actual Ruggable that you can pull off and wash, and you just place it over the top of those mats. You just smooth it out like you would wallpaper.

Super easy to put down, super easy to pick up, super easy to clean.

Then we have our king-sized bed frame. I absolutely love the caning on the back and I love the black.

We just have our king-sized mattress straight on the bed frame. Scored this secondhand, it was new, secondhand. So remember, you don't always have to go buy things straight from the store, you can always look on Marketplace.

I chose a 10 by 14 because I have the space in the room and I like to have a rug all the way around the bed. I want to do a bench at the end, I want lots of space for my side tables to go on there when I step out of bed, in all directions, I want the space. I have the room so a 10 by 14 is great.

I would say a 9 by 12 is a really great choice for a rug size if you have the space in your room. You can position it all the way to the back of your bed or you can kind of come up a few feet underneath your bed and then not put your side tables on top of the rug.

I am looking to find some really cool secondhand side tables to upcycle to show y'all. But in the meantime, I've got these little guys in these really fun amber lanterns that go on the side of the bed. So I think it works great for now.

I'd say an 8x10 rug is probably the smallest I would put under a king bed, but that limits the size of your side tables, and you might want to, again, scoot it out underneath your bed a little bit so you have some more towards the end of the bed.

And then, of course, you don't even have to use a big rug. You could always use a hallway runner at the end of your bed or on the sides of your bed, but really, it's up to you. There are no rules. I mean, people say there are, but do what you want to do.

I'm just sharing with you how I kind of figure out the size rug I wanted to go under our bed versus the size of the room and also painter's tape is a great thing to use. Y'all lay out where you want your rug before you do it that way you know what size you want to get right, just paint or tape it off and then measure it.

I don't have our bedding from our old house yet, which is my favorite, but for now I've got this on there and I've got the little side tables.

Y'all remember this valet that I upcycled? Well, I think it's gonna work perfectly in here for now, just for some extra blankets. So I'll be sharing a ton of upcycles from my old house and how I'm gonna be using them in the new house.

So for now, it's a cozy little bedroom. I've got my rug down, we've got our secondhand bed frames, some cute little lanterns.

Now the curtains that I put on the doors, the French doors, and the windows, I did not make these. These are older curtains and I have them really, really long. So in my next video, I'm gonna show how to get them just perfectly and save a ton of money. You don't have to make or buy new curtains every time you move.

So more coming very soon in the meantime happy upcycling!

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  • Gene Gene 4 days ago
    Great advertisement for Ruggables.
  • So, once you get the bench for the end of the bed, you might want to pull that rug out a bit, maybe 8-12 inches. There's nothing worse than walking on two different floorings while accessing one piece of furniture, and you really don't need the rug to go all the way under the end tables. It looks lovely so far, can't wait to see your end results.