2023 Trend or Classic Decor? 12 Ways to Update Your Home

The 2023 home decor trends are out and some key pieces you’ll discover are super trendy for the moment, while others will become classic decor for years to come.

To help you decide which home decor trends are here for the moment and which are here to stay, I’m discussing some surprising details about the 2023 decorating trends I’ve been following.

1. Trendy pieces mixed with classics

What I like to do with trends in design is the same thing that I do when dressing. I like to mix trendy pieces with classics. So for example, I have a beautiful silk blouse paired with a very trendy sequined pant. It's a classic look but with a modern spin. You can do the exact same thing with home decor.

Textured wallpaper for 2023

2. Textured wallpaper

The way wallpaper is being used right now is in texture. It's all about bringing grasscloth and/or large florals to your walls. The other thing that is really coming in strong now is murals. Plus, wallpaper is a huge trend, not only on walls but on ceilings too.

Using warm colors in home decor

3. Warm colors

We are done with all-white rooms! Instead, we're going to be bringing warmth back into our homes. That's really a reaction to the economic turmoil that's been going on. I've noticed that in times of economic stress, we tend to want to cocoon more and surround ourselves with a cozier, warmer space.

So the color palette for 2023 is going warmer. We're going to see a lot more beige, not just in wall color, but in textile fabrics as well. We're going to also be seeing a lot of browns.

How to use brown in home decor

Now, my suggestion for brown is to avoid the yellow or green undertones and use it more as an accent, as opposed to having all the furniture, for example, in brown wood tones. In sticking with warmer tones, you're going to see wood tones go from very light to a more medium and dark tone wood.

Using dark colors in home decor

4. Dark colors

The other trend for color we're seeing is darker rooms, so rooms that are completely enveloped in a darker color. One of the things that makes this trend newer is avoiding trim in a contrasting color. So if you're going to commit to that dark color, go all the way. Your baseboards, your crown molding, and your built-ins are all going to be in that darker color.

Built-in bookcases and storage

5. Built-ins

Built-ins are another huge trend that we are seeing. Bookcases are back, built-in storage is back, and details are back.

Hardware and carvings in home design

6. Hardware and carvings

Anything to do with beautiful hardware and carvings; all of that stuff is coming back because we are going away from contemporary and more toward a traditional design.

Vintage home decor for 2023

7. Vintage pieces

Vintage is also going to be huge, not just because of supply chain issues, but also because of environmental issues. We are seeing a real resurgence in antiques, vintage, and recycling.

Heavy materials in drapery

8. Drapery

With drapery, we're going to see heavy linens, heavy velvets, silk drapery, and we're going back to wooden rods and rings.

Curves and arches in decor and home design

9. Curves and arches

Another big trend carrying over from last year is curves. Last year we saw it in curved sofas. This time the curves are going to be a little softer, a little bit more subtle, and not so in your face. And arches continue to be popular.

Mixing metals

10. Metals

The other trend is going to be in our metals. Last year we saw that the brass tones were really taking over. This year it's more about tempering those with other metals. You're going to start seeing chrome coming back—that's from the deco influence. We're not getting away from the brass; we're just mixing other metals in with it.

Fluting and reeding in glass

11. Fluting and reeding

This is one that I really, really love, and it continues to be hot, not just in furniture, but in plaster wall details. In glass, you're going to see glass that is ribbed or reeded.

Trim work on walls

12. Trim work on walls

The final trend we're going to talk about is my favorite, which I'm quite well known for and have been using forever in my projects, and that is trim work on the walls. That is going to be uber-hot this year. We're going to see lots of trim work on ceilings, walls, and furniture. Really, it's all about the details this year. That's really going to matter.

2023 trend or classic decor?

I'd like to leave you with this thought. Trends are not for everybody. They're a great way to update your room. But it doesn't mean that you have to follow trends.

Both trendy and classic home decor pieces are the very essence of what makes up our homes. Whether you change them out every year, keep all of your decor around forever, or find a balance between trendy and classic decor, what truly matters is that you surround yourself with things you absolutely love. Doing so will always make your house feel like a home.

Tell me which of these trends is your favorite in the comments below.

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  • Ani32936383 Ani32936383 on Oct 25, 2023
    How do you suggest finding a designer in another state? I don’t want “granny design”but a classical, traditional outcome in bedrooms, living & dining room. I’ve inherited a lot of family items, and love vintage decor, too, particularly in my kitchen and den (crocks, copper, blue & white china, etc.
  • Ann Drop Ann Drop on Nov 03, 2023
    This is the first time I’ve seen your post. I found it very interesting and helpful. It got me thinking about how I can improve my living room. Thank you so much!