10 Different Styles of Interior Design - What's Your Style?

As an interior designer, one of the things I get asked to do is to describe the different types of interior design and what makes each of them so unique.

The reason for this is that many of my clients are asking themselves, what is my interior design style?

To help you answer the same question for yourself, here are 10 types of interior design styles that are hot right now and why they might resonate with you.

Mid-century modern design

1. Mid-century modern

Mid-century interior design marks an architectural and artistic era that spanned from the 1930s to the 1960s.

Mid-century interior design

Mid-century modern design is similar to minimalism in that the focus is on functionality. Man-made materials like glass, acrylic, vinyl, and plastic will be mixed with natural materials like woods, metals, and stones.

Mid-century architecture

Architecturally, these homes usually have larger windows. The underlying palette is earth tones, but you'll always find a pop of color somewhere. Geometric shapes are a staple of this style whether in mirrors, furniture, or even wall decor.

Mid-century style

Fixtures from this style are art themselves, so make sure you choose lighting that makes a statement.

French country style

2. French country

French Country style is inspired by homes in the French countryside. You'll find lots of exposed wood, brick, and stone. This style relies on warmer color palettes.

French country home

You'll find rustic antique furniture used in this style with light wood tones, neutral upholstery, and painted, sometimes chipping and whitewashed furniture.

French country interior design

Whether in a chair back, bench, or bed, cane is a gorgeous French Country touch.

French country kitchen

Toile is a popular fabric choice for this style as it is historically accurate and a perfect indicator that your style is French. Add touches of gold and glass to elevate the look.

Grandmillenial interior design style

3. Grandmillenial

Grandmillennial is best described as a mixture of Southern traditional meets maximalism meets modern.

Grandmillenial bedroom

This style is colorful and patterned from wallpaper to upholstery to lampshades. You'll find a blend of colorful choices, and embellishments are a staple. Things like ruffles, pleats, and fringe are added to bring character to even the smallest details.

Grandmillenial-style decor

This is not a cookie-cutter style but one that allows you to invite the old with the new, and it's this mix that makes this style feel timeless.

Contemporary style living room

4. Contemporary

The contemporary style is a unique one because it's kind of a chameleon. It's a fluid style and hard to pin down.

Contemporary style home

A lot of folks get this term confused with transitional, but they're different. Transitional is a mix of traditional and contemporary, while contemporary style is represented with clean lines.

Simple contemporary design

Colors are mainly neutral but not void of accent colors. Simplicity is a staple of this style.

Clutter-free contemporary home

There is not an abundance of decor items but rather a focus on functionality. So if you're looking to incorporate this style into your home, make sure you declutter.

Primitive or colonial style

5. Primitive or colonial

When you think of primitive or colonial style, think of an original farmhouse from the 1800s. The walls have wood accents, the colors are neutral, and texture is abundant.

Primitive/colonial furniture

Furniture pieces are sturdy and antique. Upholstery fabrics include homespun, plaids, and floral prints, while colors tend to be muted earth tones from nature, such as warm browns, greens, and blues.

Americana style interior design

The simplicity of these Americana homes are welcoming and timeless.

Bohemian style home

6. Boho

The bohemian style is eclectic and colorful. This style invites culture and world styles and blends them together.

Color palette with an earthy style

The color palette for this style is earthy but with touches of jewel tones. Like maximalism, this style feels collected.

Natural elements in a boho-style bedroom

This style is more casual but it is not lacking in visual interest. There is a sense of connection to natural elements in this style, whether through raw elements like wood or even an abundance of plants.

Cottagecore style breakfast nook

7. Cottage or cottagecore

The cottage or cottagecore style is starting to trend and for good reason. Cottage interior design style is comfortable, collected, and compatible with smaller homes. This style starts off with a neutral foundation, but subtle patterns and earthy colors can be added to bring in the charm.

Cottagecore style home

This style might be the coziest of them all with its modest decor, comfortable furniture, and distressed architectural elements.

Shabby chic and rustic decor

Mismatched furniture or thrifted or hand-me-down decor is plentiful but not cluttered. Cottage design shares many elements with shabby chic styles or even rustic styles.

Organic modern bedroom

8. Organic modern

Organic modern is minimalistic. The color palette is neutral with spaces relying more on textures than color.

Organic modern style with plants

Life is brought into organic modern design through plants. If you don't have a green thumb, you can use faux or dried options for the same effect.

Organic modern style bedframe

This style is clean and sophisticated but not cold. Organic modern colors are warmer than the starker neutrals of modern design. Natural wood is a must for this style.

Organic modern living room

This style is on the rise for its simplicity and warmth, and I think it's beautiful.

Glam style interior design

9. Glam

Glamorous style incorporates lots of reflective items with glass, mirrors, and crystal elements.

Glamorous living room

Upscale glamorous design uses minimal color so as not to overwhelm the space. Glam design isn't complete without a large and gorgeous light fixture.

Glam kitchen counter

This style is luxurious, and that luxury extends to every textile in the space. They should be velvety, plush, or even furry. Gold or silver are prominent in this style as well as marble accents.

Mediterranean-style home

10. Mediterranean

Mediterranean style focuses on indoor-outdoor living.

Seaside living style

This seaside living style uses arches in its architecture. Exposed stone, beams, and tile work are also common for this style.

Kitchen with neutral colors

Neutral colors are the foundation of this design style.

Natural fibers in a Mediterranean-styled home

Materials like jute, rattan, wicker, and linen are all right at home in a Mediterranean-styled home.

Interior design styles

Pattern tile work is not uncommon in these homes giving it an old-world feel.

Interior design styles

These are just 10 more interior design styles that I wanted to share with you today. Let me know in the comments which style was your favorite. I'm going to have to say mine is either going to be French country or cottage.

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  • Cyn29825240 Cyn29825240 on Mar 17, 2024
    You made me realize my style is definitely a combination of Glam and contemporary, as that’s how my entire home is decorated. You did an excellent job describing the major decorating styles.
  • Shirley K DeNatale Shirley K DeNatale on Mar 17, 2024
    We are eclectic . I am finding myself wanting to go minimalist , and pare down all of the junk ( and not junk) that I have collected in 75 years.
    • Patty Patty on Mar 18, 2024
      Go for it, every little bit you get rid of will feel great! And you won't miss it, might not even remember what all you had.😊