What is Grandmillennial Style in Interior Design?

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Grandmillennial interior design is a refreshing departure from homogeneity. We are all tired of those white rooms with a bit of subtle pattern here and a monster relief there. The look takes the best parts of both old and new styles and brings them together. Think of their outdated, possibly frumpy pieces of the past, but then you are going to use this for the younger millennial people.

What is the grandmillennial style?

What is the grandmillennial style?

When combined, the look is going to be a blend of traditional elements but with a modern twist. It isn't exactly their stuffy formal rooms that you might remember from your childhood, but rather this updated take on traditional style adopts old-school design trends with a fresh spin for the 21st century.

By mixing in a few modern elements, the style is nostalgic and comfortable without looking kitschy.

Mixing modern and traditional elements example 1

Some elements are floral prints, ruffles, skirted tables, monograms, elaborate chandeliers, a room of wallpaper, patent upholstery, rich stained wood furniture, and needlepoint pillows, but perhaps in a modern monochromatic color scheme. This is exactly what we are calling granny chic traditional with a modern twist.

Mixing modern and traditional elements example 2

It's about taking all these designs and updating them to be more convenient and suitable for today's modern home. Classic and not trained best is exactly what this design style is after. If grandmillennial had a motto, it would definitely be always fresh, never stuffy. Now, here are easy ways to implement it.

Granny chic interior design

1. Collections

One way to turn up the dial on your design and add grandmillennial touches is by bringing back and displaying your collections. I'm not talking about your husband's GI Joe collection or your original Barbie dolls here. I want you to think granny chic.

If you want to go all the way, begin looking for, say, some elephant figurines or whatever little knickknack that floats your boat. The idea here is to group similar vintage items for a robust, maximalist design bursting with personality and charm.

Patterned wallpaper and furniture

2. Patterns

What else belongs in an update of the past? Curtains, of course. Grandmillennial interior design does not shy away from curtains. Or, wallpaper everything in sight. If that speaks to you, by all means, go for it.

If you want to add a more modern take to full-on patterning, then you can incorporate them into your tile work on your floor or backsplash in the kitchen.

Please remember to use as many patterns as possible. Didn't think I'd say that. Well, I went there.

Mixing patterns, when done tastefully, adds a sophisticated elegance to a room that is absolutely appropriate in a home with a grandmillennial style. Try to find patterns that use the same color or a shared design element, or combine one pattern that's modern and simple with one that's more flouncy and detailed.

Grandmillennial style with personality

3. Layer on the personality

Some might say that the grandmillennial look is cluttered. While it takes an artful eye and the right placement of the right things. The look, when done well, should not be cluttered. Layering in traditional pieces, especially well-loved ones, lets you highlight your personality.

Traditional pieces incorporated from different eras

The key to achieving a cohesive grandmillennial look is that it's rooted in traditionalism. Yes, you can incorporate pieces from all different eras, but be intentional about what you choose. Know the history of the items you are selecting to display in your collections.

Incorporating patterns into interior design

You'll not only have an appreciation for where they come from, but you'll learn about the era in which they were produced and popular. Same with patterns. Take time to understand who created the pattern. You'll discover you're drawn to a certain designer that you like, or you may be drawn to a particular artist or a particular time period.

Grandmillennial decor

You may also want to use their patterns exclusively. That will give your home a really intentional, curated feel rather than it looking like you simply didn't have the time to remove the previous owner's wallpaper.

Grandmillennial decor

What do you think about grandmillennial decor? Have you incorporated it into your home? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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  • Nancy Phillps Nancy Phillps on Sep 24, 2023
    Been thinking of using wallpaper in my dining room. Always have loved wall paper. I did a kitchen years ago to cover paneling. Used a liner first then the paper. No sign of the old style paneling!! Beautiful improvement! I did a kitchen shelf across the wall behind the table. Then papered from under the shelf down to the floor. Warmed the feel of the room.
  • Diana Mann Diana Mann on Oct 12, 2023
    I love it all!