Take a Tour of This Home's New Cozy & Warm Interior Design

We're doing a house tour of interior design today. We'll show you how we broke this cookie-cutter interior. Check out how we styled the interior from the entryway to the bedroom.

Entryway in the home


I wanted to do some beautiful millwork here, and I feel like we accomplished that. When you come in, the first thing that grabs you and pulls you inward is this incredible millwork from the top of the baseboard up to these 17-foot ceilings. To make it feel slightly warmer and less cool in here, we brought this beautiful runner.

Powder room with arched mirror

Powder room

This space went from being cookie-cutter and lacking character to feeling just like a beautiful space. One thing that goes a long way is to bring color, character, and texture into your spaces. It's a fun chance and opportunity for you guys to get outside of your comfort zone.

The wallpaper just kind of ties in really well with the millwork that we did. It's a more neutral color, with some movement and just that softness to complement everything else in the space.

Dining room in an open-plan space

Dining room

I am so happy with how this space came together. We elevated it by giving her a bigger table that was more proportionate to the space, and then we mixed and matched everything.

So you'll see we have the curvature in these chairs and the more squared-off style on the head chairs. We have leather, fabric, and wood; all those materials will complement each other and take your space up a notch.

Kitchen with statement light fixtures


It underwent a couple of changes; it took it up a notch. The builder came in, and they selected all of the options, from the countertops to the flooring to the light package, to complete the home. When I met with the client, she wanted it to feel warmer and less cookie-cutter.

Unique pendant lights

We were sure to get rid of those builder-grade light fixtures and give her these beautiful, unique pendant lights; the difference is that they pull you into the space.

It brings in a different dimension, and it just elevates your home. The only other thing she needed in here was some gorgeous accessories, but we also wanted to make sure they were functional for her.

Living room with wainscoting

Living room

This space went through one of the biggest transformations of the home. We did this beautiful wainscoting around the living room in this beautiful green color.

Then, we paired it with this amazing custom art piece from a local artisan in Utah. We wanted to bring in some more texture.

We got a fantastic performance fabric sofa for her with a beautiful chaise. It's super deep, so you can curl up here, and what I loved about it was this beautiful exposed wooden frame at the bottom.

It also pairs well with the coffee table. The coffee table has framing around it in a concrete material. Then, the inner portion is wood, so you have a balance of concrete, a heavy material, up against lighter wood around the sectional. We also did a beautiful console piece for her that ties in those same stone and wood elements.

Cozy, warm, and inviting bedroom with textured wallpaper

Primary suite

This room feels cozy, warm, and inviting, which our client wanted. We kind of accomplished that by adding this beautiful textured wallpaper.

Then we brought in the warmth over here with this beautiful bedding. One of my favorite things about this bed has this beautiful curvature, and then you also have this reeded paneling on both the footboard and the headboard.

None of the furniture matches. We did that on purpose because if you purchase a matching bed set, it's not going to elevate your space; it's not going to make it feel custom or unique, and so that is why we are huge advocates for doing different nightstands, different beds, and different dressers.

Guest rooms

We have three guest rooms, and they also underwent a considerable transformation. We wanted three different themes, so there are different color palettes, and all of the furnishings are different.

Guest room design

The first one is the smallest of the three.

We did a transitional style with a beautiful queen-sized bed. It has some wood, a little metal, and a textured headboard. In the corner, we have a beautiful green velvet chair. I wanted it to feel calming and peaceful and incorporate some of those green tones mixed with the blues.

Guest room with vine-like wallpaper

For the next room, we brought in some almost vine-like wallpaper; it doesn't feel too overpowering.

It grounds the space and is an opportunity to bring in interest and color.

I wanted it to feel interesting, so we did another fun textured headboard with this exposed wood on the sides. The bedding came together in all these different layers, so again, we are incorporating textures and layers, and it makes you want to throw yourself on here and curl up in a big ball.

We pulled in that vine pattern on her sheets, brought it in with some floral pillows, and did those different sizes and textures. We wanted to make sure that it felt airy and clean. I brought in a mirror because that will help reflect some of this natural light and create that perfect zen moment.

Guest bedroom with beautiful mural wallpaper

Let's look at the biggest and probably most impactful guest bedroom three.

You're probably seeing this beautiful wallpaper right behind me. This is another excellent example of how wallpaper can go the distance for you and significantly impact your space.

We had an excellent opportunity for a beautiful dresser that pulls in that mountain rustic look with this wood.

I was excited about this beautiful opportunity to bring in this writer's desk and a beautiful arched mirror to soften the space. At the front of the room is a beautiful king-size bed. It has a great fabric that has a kind of textured headboard.

Because we already had two pretty substantial-sized furniture pieces that were wood, I wanted to find something that was not the same material. So we have some glass, and then the base of this shadow box nightstand is metal.

Interior design home tour

I hope you enjoyed our interior design house tour. What was your favorite room? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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