3 Christmas Decor Entryway Ideas: Decorate a Hallway For the Holidays

Today, I'm sharing another Decorate with Me for my Christmas decor entryway. I'm going to share three simple ways to decorate an entryway for Christmas. I picked up two things to add to my entryway, which I'll highlight.

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Christmas decor for your entryway

Entryway 1

For option number one, I'm just incorporating some pretty neutral pieces and bringing in those natural elements, which tie in with the bench so well.

These are ivory stockings that I've had from previous years. I just pulled them out because I ended up using red stockings in my home this year, but to show you this look, I just wanted to incorporate the neutral ones. I'm just going to be layering these on our hooks here, incorporating some more things, and just tying in several items that I have in my home already.

How to decorate hallway for Christmas

Just use what you have and see what you can come up with. I am leaving the green garland on the top. It just goes well with all of these looks, and this garland came from Walmart.

On the opposite side of these stockings, I'm going to be taking some red velvet ribbon, and I'm going to be incorporating some brass bells.

Brass will be our primary metal here; I think it is a very classic for Christmas and easy to find in decor items.

I'm taking a black plaid blanket I love from a home decor subscription box a while back. On top of that, I'm layering a little Christmas wreath with a bowl of bells again with the brass accents and then on the opposite side of the bench.

I will take some thrifted books and magnolia journals and lay them on top of another brass piece with a candle.

Entryway 2

For look number two, we will be incorporating this black plant holder. I love this thing, and it just looks super cute next to the bench. They complement each other very well. To keep with this neutral look, I'm just incorporating some brass and some amber.

Christmas home decorating ideas in green and brown

I purchased these little Target Dollar Spot Christmas trees this year. I have a very realistic-looking bundle of greenery that has pine cones in it and came from Hobby Lobby.

I'm just incorporating those greens and ivories with pillows and blankets to go on top of the bench. I just wanted to keep this simple and neutral, and you can keep this up all winter. It will look pretty throughout the season.

I kept the garland on the hooks from option one, which I thought complemented the bottom of the greenery very well. The planter looks so cute; I love the greenery draping out of its side.

I also used some neutral pillows. You can find neutral pillows anywhere. I know my oversized taupe one came from Target, the green velvet one is a pillow cover from Amazon, and the little throw blanket that I'm using here came from IKEA a couple of years ago.

Entryway 3

For this final look, we are going to be doing a very classic Christmas look with reds and greens and incorporating all of those true traditional Christmas colors.

Christmas decorations for a hallway

I'm accenting with the brass. I think it's classy and timeless, and I'm a huge fan of how that turns out.

As you can see here, I'm using a variety of pieces. I'm also incorporating wicker into this look as well, just to complement and give another bit of texture here.

One of the things that I realized about this bench is if you wanted to, you could stick a basket underneath, and I think that is so cute. So I ended up doing that, and then I'm taking this Christmas throw blanket and tucking it inside of the basket.

For that added pop, to give it a little more of a complete look, I will also add some greenery. I purchased an arrangement from Target from the Hearth and Hand line. I'm going to be hiding the base of it.

Regarding the stockings, I wanted to show you a different look. Unlike the first option, I am spreading these out, where I had them all bunched up together. Then I'm going to be taking that brass garland, the beaded garland, and just draping it across.

Christmas decor entryway ideas

I like the basket underneath the bench, too, so if you purchase this bench for yourself and you want to put a basket under there, that would be an excellent place to put books or even shoes or anything along those lines.

Christmas decor entryway ideas

I hope you enjoyed these Christmas decor entryway ideas. Let me know which look was your favorite in the comments below.

Do you like look number one, which was more neutral and moody, look number two, which was more neutral with more greens and creams, or was look number three your favorite with all of the traditional festive colors with the brass and the reds and the greens and just a little bit of all the traditional Christmas touch mixed in there?

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