Small Guest Room Makeover: Quaint, Cozy & Charming Decor

Liz Besanson
by Liz Besanson

I will show you my guest room makeover and how I transformed this room into a quaint and cozy guest bedroom for my daughter when she visits. The room was a bit of a mess to start because we used it for storage. The transformation was amazing!

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This is a shot of the room's appearance before we cleaned it out.

After we cleaned it up, we started putting her bed together.

This is a queen-size bed, and I love its simplicity. This room is her style because she loves the French country look.

We love the warm glow the pendant light gives the room.

This little sconce is from Goodwill; we put it beside her bed.


I went back and forth, trying to decide what I wanted to do with the walls. I had a lot of ideas, but I wanted to bring a little bit of moodiness into the space. I decided to bring some warmth into the room by using these two colors, and I plan to do a faux limewash.

Now I will show you how I did that. Limewash paint is known for its chalky, nuanced texture. It creates a romantic old-world feel. It's made from crushed limestone and mixed with water and natural pigments. This is something that is not new. Lime paint is deeply rooted in history, and lime wash paint is mainly used in many Mediterranean regions.

Since I'm not using lime paint, I will show you how I achieved this look.

So, I'm using one dark color and one lighter color in the same family.

I'm using a staining deck brush if you will. You must get a high-quality brush for this project. I have used cheaper brushes, and it creates a lot of streaking.

So, I'm creating little clouds with the brush by randomly creating X X marks and then moving across the wall. I don't stay in that same spot.

As I was working, this is what I found to work to soften up those really hard edges and feather out the work.

I grabbed a large yellow sponge that was lightly dampened and just dragged out or tamped onto those corners, and then I went very lightly back and forth back and forth to make that color like a soft wash.

I loved it; it worked and created this ethereal texture, which is exactly what we see in lime wash paint.

The trick was not to leave hard lines behind, so take your time. This is the first cloud, and then I made another one and just returned with the wet, damp sponge and softened and blended everything.

Styling the room

Now, it's time to style the room.

I started by placing the linen curtains back onto the poles. We didn't bring a lot of furniture into this new house, but my daughter highly requested that we keep her fireplace mantle and somehow make it work in her room, and it did.

This looks charming in her space. It's so her, and I'm glad we decided to keep it and use it in her room.

One of the main pieces I thought brought a lot of attention to this room is this gorgeous cane linen chair.

I love the large, comfy size and the high-performance fabric. I also love that it's easy to clean. It's suitable if you have pets or children. The cushions are also reversible, have zippers, and are machine washable, but I especially love that this is an all-wood frame chair with natural caning.

One styling tip I love to add when working with smaller bedrooms is to pull inspiration from some of my favorite hotel rooms. They always seem to have a beautiful upscale little reading nook. Hence, I loved using this chair in this space. It brought elegance and sophistication into this small bedroom.

So while I may not be a total fan of dressers, this space needed a dresser, so I found this white one, and I changed out the knobs to these brass ones.

My favorite part of the transformation is the styling.

I brought in these two fluted tables as nightstands that matched beautifully with the chair, and then it was time to get her bedding down.

Now, I forgot I had this bedding in a closet. It is from Ikea, and I'm unsure if they make this print anymore.

I love that it has that French toile pattern.

That was just so perfect for my daughter because she loves infusing a lot of French decor into her space. While she was here during the holidays, we went antiquing, and there were some pieces of art that she fell in love with and told me to put them up in her room.

This is the full reveal of the room; we love how it turned out.

It's very quaint and cozy in here. It's bright but with just these luscious neutral tones. I cannot get over how beautiful and comfortable this chair is.

I hope you enjoyed my guest room makeover. What is your favorite part of the room? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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