Staging a Home for Sale: 5 Key Tips, Plus Before & Afters

Are you looking for some quick home sale tips? We have tips for staging a home for sale that truly work. Let’s show an example of a transformed house in California. Clients who take our suggestions and change things have the best results when selling their homes. Let’s talk about how to get your home sold!

Before, Campbell, California house

The worst thing a realtor can do is show a home that’s confusing to people. Some of the spaces in this home were so confusing to people so we needed help to build a story here. We solved the problem through staging.

A few staging tips

Tip 1 Neutral colors

Everyone has different tastes. If you have a red duvet on your bed, for example, not everyone is going to like that. Neutrals and plain white is something everyone finds appealing.

Tip 2 Cohesive design

One of the important things about good staging is that all the pieces should go together. One of the benefits of staging is that you’re dealing with professionals who know how to color coordinate and make things flow.

Tip 3 Rugs

In a large home, you have to know how to define a space. Sometimes a space is confusing until you put a rug into it to define a sitting area, for example, where you can hang out while dinner is being made.

Tip 4 Plants

Sometimes we roll up our sleeves and plant. We go to Home Depot, spend $30, and we transform the outside of the house with a few plants.

Tip 5 Lights

Sometimes we change out some lights with the new LED fixtures to brighten the area.

Lighting can be very important. Sometimes we go into a bathroom that should be totally gutted and redone, but it’s amazing what hanging a $75 modern LED light fixture can do for the room.

Tip 6 What renovations have the most impact

What can a homeowner do on a small budget that yields the best results?

Paint and staging are the two best ideas. Staging is an investment they have to make to sell their home. Many homeowners like to use their own pieces for staging but that doesn’t always work.

Staging requires using mainstream types of pieces that appeal to as many people as possible, not unique pieces that are meaningful to the homeowner. We like the term “cheap and cheerful” when it comes to staging.

But it has to be perfect. When people are spending between $1 million to $10 million on a home, people want it to be perfect and like they’ve bought something “rich.” That’s what staging is all about. And potential buyers want to feel like they just bought something out of a magazine but they also want to see the potential in the home for their own lifestyle. If you spend $2,000 on staging, the house may just sell in a week.

Before and after shots of rooms

Here are some before and after shots of this house and others for examples of what staging can do for you.

Master bedroom before and after

Saratoga house with stagingHere is another example of a house that has before and after photos with staging. You’ll be amazed at the transformation.

It may be a sacrifice to move out with kids to do the staging and sell the house. Sometimes it’s necessary in this market to do that. These tips for staging a home for sale made the house understandable to buyers and it sold quickly. Let us know what you think of all these before and after staging shots by leaving a comment.

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  • Ars54268128 Ars54268128 on Apr 30, 2024
    I'd like to see staging for modest priced homes under listed under $300,000.
  • Nana222of7 Nana222of7 on Apr 30, 2024
    I love the before and after photos. Thank you for sharing. The ceiling in that front room is gorgeous.