How to Makeover a Patio Space With Afro Boho Style

Do you love the Afro-boho style? You can have it outdoors, too. I show you step-by-step how to build an outdoor patio counter in Afro-boho design.

It’s a budget-friendly project and it was a great way to add Afro bohemian beauty to my garden. It’s one of the areas of your home where you can maximize your home’s potential.

Hodgepodge corner before the DIY


I call this my hodgepodge corner. Honestly, I got sick of looking at it. I knew what I wanted.

Rendering of the space


Here is the rendering of my vision. This way, I knew exactly how much I needed in supplies.

Supplies needed
Tools and materials needed


I use pressure-treated pine for outdoor projects like this. Pressure-treated wood withstands the weather far better. I used a bold, gorgeous black stain and clear exterior polyurethane for extra protection from the elements. I used a variety of tools for the project, too, but my main tool was a handsaw.

Here are the 5 key areas to maximize the potential of this outdoor room.

Establishing zones in the outdoor space

Key area 1: Creating zones

Creating zones is a lifesaver. In this rough drawing, I mapped out where I wanted each zone. The upper left corner is the grilling zone and that’s where I built my outdoor Afro-boho counter. You’ll make far better use of your space when you designate what you want to do in each area of the room.

Wood with a black stain stain

Key area 2: Wall treatments

In this case, I’m going bold with this lush, rich, gorgeous black satin stain.

Creating ambiance with lighting in the yard
Adding tiki lamps for lighting

Key area 3: Lighting

I use a variety of lighting sources in my backyard, including solar-powered string lights, solar-lit umbrellas, and my all-time favorite–the tiki torch.

Flooring for the outdoor space

Key area 4: Flooring

The cement floor in this outdoor room has seen a couple of different treatments, like the DIY stencil. I used granite outdoor paint which means that will last a long time.

Afro Boho decor and art

Key area 5: Decor and art

Decor and art are not just for the indoors. When selecting pieces for outdoors, be mindful of their durability.

Design-build steps

Wood stain
Staining the wood

Step 1 Stain the boards

I stained them and let them dry overnight

Measuring and cutting the boards

Step 2 Measure and cut ledger boards

I mounted the ledger board on the middle rail of the existing fence. Here is where the top of the counter will rest. I made the countertop a little high to fit me because I’m a tall person.

Cutting the wood

Step 3 Made my cuts

I made sure to lay out the boards to maximize my wood so I wouldn’t waste much. I still made mistakes, but not that many and I was able to correct them. One of the most difficult cuts was the first board that would lay on the ledger board and wrap around that post.

Assembling the counter

Step 4 Bracing

I cut the boards for the countertop and secured the backing. For the bracing, I repurposed some wood I already had and pre-drilled holes, and used outdoor screws to secure everything.

Building the counter with a shelf

Step 5 Shelf

This wasn’t in the original plan but I bought two extra boards and cut them, stained them, so I could actually have a shelf underneath the counter.

Ensuring that the counter is level

Tip: Everything has to be level

Why is it important that everything is level? Keeping things level is really a safety measure. It also affects the sight lines and how someone feels when they’re looking at your furniture or art. You know how you feel when a picture is crooked, right? That’s what I mean.

Building the countertop

Step 6 Front-facing finish boards

I gave everything a quick sanding, and I cut and attached my front-facing finish boards. It took me about four hours to build the countertop.

Quick note here on safety: I always wear safety glasses and gloves. Also, I take the time to clean up as I’m moving through the project.

Staining the wood
Applying stain to the wood

Step 7 Second coat of stain

Now, on to the second coat of stain. So, here is the counter before I stenciled it.

Using the stencil
Counter space with a stencil pattern
Stencil on the countertop

Step 8 Stencil

I’ve done a ton of stenciling. You can stencil anything. I’m using an Adinkra symbol which I love because it’s going to go perfectly with my Afro-boho dream backyard theme. Here’s the stencil on the outdoor countertop. It’s so pretty!

Adding decor to the outdoor space
Cute countertop space
Adding succulents between pebbles
Adding Afro Boho decor

Step 9 Adding Afro-boho decor

This is my favorite part of a project. These decor pieces are a combination of thrift finds and some new purchases.

Afro Boho decorated outdoor space
Afro Boho patio space
Finished outdoor counter

The reveal! My finished outdoor counter!

I’m super proud of how this finished outdoor counter turned out! It enhances the beauty of this part of my back garden. I made a hodgepodge and messy space into this wonderful, functional area. And adding that Adinkra stencil elevated the Afro-boho vibe in my backyard.

Let me know what you think in the comments about this Afro-boho outdoor project!

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