Extreme Living Room Makeover in a 1957 Vintage Home

Liz Besanson
by Liz Besanson

We have been doing much into this house, including an extensive living room makeover. I bought a fixer-upper. This is a 1957 vintage home; I love it because I can make it my own.

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The fixer-upper

I felt with the smaller house. I want to keep it very cozy and intimate and just very relaxing. I want to bring a modern European cottage feel to the aesthetics here, and you'll see that throughout the transformation. I believe that the living room has a lot of modern European influence.

This house was completely neglected. There was mold and mildew. Water damage was everywhere in this house.

The floors have to be completely redone. Primary walls have to be taken down.

The trim work and everything else needs fixed. There was just so much damage. So, a lot needs to happen before we even move in here.

The problems

Let's get on with the living room tour right after we purchased the house and began the cleanup.

This is a major, major problem in this house. There was water damage and mold, and the flooring needs replacing.

There is a fireplace here; if you open that, there is mold. Even so, I love how this room flows into the Carolina room.

In the Carolina room, we have hardwood under the carpet and custom built-ins.

The blue rug has to go. On day one of the demolition, we did the floor work. Then I went shopping for some pieces for the newly remodeled living room.

Living room furniture and flooring

I found a fantastic foyer table. I love these tones right now, and this is a nice long one.

I think these slipcover chairs are brilliant, they look a lot like the Restoration Hardware chairs.

There was a sofa that I liked that you could add pieces to. I was going to get four pieces; I love its boxy shape and texture.

It has this beautiful linen. Very classy.

We decided on LVP planks for the floor. They are the clip and snap. This is cut in the color dusk cherry. They have beautiful grain.

They look like natural wood and feel like real wood, especially when you touch it; you feel the grain.

Once we cleaned the room, we began unboxing our new furniture and accessories. It is not styled here yet, but it is set up. The chairs look great, and I love that they swivel.

I also love this high-performance fabric, so if you're concerned about soiling or wear and tear, this type of fabric also holds up well.

This type of thick woven fabric is excellent for longevity.

Fireplace makeover

I pulled out the little metal unit with the faux electric little blogs. I used some crud cutter, got my mop, and got hot water, and I am mopping inside. I'm going to get ready to paint this with masonry paint. I'm not painting the inside. I'm just going to clean it up as well as I can. I want to get this sort of orangey-red color out of here.

This is the paint I'm using. I highly recommend this paint. If you're dealing with any brick, use this.

I was able to brush and roll this really interesting brick.

While that's drying, I'm going to go ahead and throw a little paint on here as a top coat, and I have to fix the corners of the mantle. I can take some feather finish and pour a little cement in there, or I can take joint compound and form a little corner there and let that dry.


My mission is to get this yellow off my walls, so we are going to do some trimming, and I'm going to paint the walls today so that we can get this living room makeover finalized.

The finished living room

I'm walking in, and you'll see this beautiful coral, which is actually made of resin.

This was my first purchase upon moving to South Carolina. That wall leads right into the living room space here.

Those two black cabinets are from IKEA, and I placed the glass doors to elevate them a little bit more and added the extensions.

This is what you see upon coming in.

The space is much larger than what it appears on camera. It is very, very roomy, cozy and intimate. You can see the faux olive tree and linen drapes in the corner.

All my rugs are from Amazon. They are neutral and effortless to maintain. This is the gorgeous table I got from Facebook Marketplace for $125.

This is the Carolina room, and I love how the light comes into it. It's just so cozy.

I have the original fireplace and my original table from my old house, and you'll see a lot of new pieces here because when I sold my house, my buyer bought all my furniture. I did take my table and dining chairs with me.

Living room makeover

I hope you enjoyed my living room makeover. With a bit of creativity, you can transform any room. What ideas do you have for your living room? Share your plans in the comments below.

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  • Ann69234472 Ann69234472 on Apr 14, 2024
    All I can think of is mold, mold, mold. Hope you had experts take care if that.
  • Wanda Allen Wanda Allen on Apr 14, 2024
    Why would you put those floors in and then cover them with rugs? You say it looks small, thats why. Get rid of the cheap rugs.