How You Can Style a Luxury Living Room on a Budget

Liz Besanson
by Liz Besanson

I've been in my home for about two and a half years, and in that timeframe, I have transformed the space about four times already. This time, I have my eye set on creating a luxury living room using Amazon living room decor I love.

I'm thinking of going more chocolatey, or more like warmer-toned, so it’s not so white in the room. And I think a brown rug will elevate all of the white furniture I already have along with the white walls that I'm about to paint.

Check out the transformation for yourself so you can come up with some luxury living room ideas of your own.

Picking items that reflect your personal style

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One of the ways that you can identify your personal style is to consider all the things that you are gravitating toward when you go to a store, look on Pinterest, or scroll through Instagram.

Curating artwork for a living room

What are the tones, colors, and textures you like most? Once you decide, it’s time to start curating luxury living room ideas that fall into these categories and pair well with the space you’re working with.

Living room before the makeover

Luxury living room ideas

In this transformation, I made sure that I was able to upcycle as many pieces as I could from this room.

Couch before

This couch is currently being placed in another living room in the front of my home.

And a lot of these objects here are still in my home, just in other areas.

Planter in a corner
Swapping out sofa covers

We've kind of rotated things around, and we're going to give a whole new look to this sofa that will be placed in the other room that I will show you at another time.

How to style a room with online products

If you're like me, you are aware that there are severe shipping delays and low stock on many items that are online right now, so impatient me always resorts to shopping at good old Amazon and HomeGoods. In fact, that's exactly what I did to furnish this room.

Installing light fixtures

You can also cut costs down by having your hubby install your lighting.

Amazon linen curtains

These are Amazon linen curtains. I'm obsessed with these.

Kirkland's chandelier

Here is the chandelier that I purchased at Kirkland's.

Warm, textured rug from HomeGoods

And here is the rug from HomeGoods. I absolutely love the warmth and the texture that it gives the space.

Boucle curvy couch from Amazon

But I'm most excited about this couch. It's from Amazon, and would you believe that it is a boucle curvy couch?

Sofa with round pillows and styled coffee table

These little round pillows are and the books are from Amazon too.

Shelf for displaying artwork, books, and sculptures

This piece I got from HomeGoods. It is a nice shelf on which I can display my artwork, books, and sculptures.

Living room space ready to be styled

As we are nearly done with the room, we just have a few final touches, but I did want to kind of go over this little project I did. I tend to do a lot of DIYs.

Cement shelf

This is a cement shelf now and, believe it or not, it started as an IKEA LACK shelf. It was an all-white shelf originally, and it was a super fun and very easy DIY project that you can do yourself.

Space for artwork

Right here, I'm going to put up some new, yet old artwork. I've had it in my garage and I fell in love with it all over again. It totally works in this whole space, so those two nails that were left behind from the previous artwork do not need to be patched since they fit the new piece of artwork just fine.

Living room with a soft neutral palette

Another tip I love sharing with people when they want to achieve an upscale space on a budget is to consider a soft, neutral palette.

Living room design with soft muted colors

Think of soft muted colors to add to your space then be consistent with that and let it run throughout your home.

How to style a luxurious living room

Consider the artwork you bring in. Consider buying vintage pieces, ceramics, sculptures, and books. All of that adds so much texture and really elevates the space.

Minimalist-style luxury living room

Also, consider using exactly what you have at home. Think of how you can envision that table, that lamp, or that chair maybe in another color, maybe reupholstered.

Luxury living room decor on a budget

There are so many things that you can do if you are on a budget.

Minimalist shelf decor

I just really believe that to achieve the look that you are after you do not need to spend a lot of money.

Luxury living room

If you want to, by all means, you can go that route, of course, but there are things that I naturally can see with my eye and know that I can get it cheaper, and why not?

Luxury living rooms

Every luxury living room starts with the desire to create a space that feels both cozy and breathtaking. When you step inside, you can’t help but feel relaxed and well cared for. With the luxury living room ideas I’ve shared today, you’re only steps away from transforming your ordinary living room into a luxury living room of your own.

What luxury living room furniture or decor inspires you? Share your favorite pieces with me in the comments section below.

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  • Freya Freya on Jan 23, 2024
    To me the look is very peaceful. I also do not need too much color :-)
  • Emanuela Haien Emanuela Haien on Apr 02, 2024
    How do you keep the linen curtains from sticking to each other? I have linen curtains and I love them but the material sticks to itself. Any suggestions?