One Coffee Table, Styled 3 Ways With 3 Key Items

by Alice
3 Materials

Whatever you do, never leave your coffee table bare. It's the perfect item in your home to highlight your style identity. In this post, I'll show you three simple ways to style your coffee table using three key simple items; a vase with your choice of flowers, a book, and a tray or bowl.

To begin, clean up your coffee table - mine is glass, so I like to use Windex to give it a nice wipe down.

First style is the easy one - just place your vase of flowers in the center of the table and call it a day - yes, that easy!

Second style - add a coffee table book adjacent to the vase with flowers at a diagonal angle. And if you have an accessory laying around (e.g., clay knot, small cute bowl, etc.), place it on top of the book.

Third style - place a nice bowl or tray on opposite sides of the table and in the middle, add an open coffee table book, or a book with nice pictures. The bowl or tray can be used to house remotes, and the open books, can be a conversation piece for guests. The vase of flowers is just there to look prettyicon .

Since I have a large table, I tend to style with lots of books and other accessories, but I always leave room for guests to place their coasters, drinks, or plates. I've included a bonus picture of how I style my coffee table periodically.

Hope these 3 styles were helpful to you. If so, let me know in the comments. To see how I styled the room this coffee table lives in check out my blog post:


Item you need - a vase of flowers

Item you need - a coffee table

Item you need - a coffee table book, or any book you like

Item you need - a nice bowl or tray

First style - simple and classic - place the vase of flowers on the center of the table.

Second style - add a coffee table book with an accessory if you like

Third style - add all three items, this time, have the book open

Bonus - if you have a large coffee table - throw in more books and other accessories

Remember to always leave room (aka negative space) for other practical items such as plates and cups.

Suggested materials:
  • Coffee table
  • Coffee table books
  • Vase with flowers
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  • Fel21679374 Fel21679374 on Jan 01, 2024

    Like the idea of pretty empty bowl to house remotes, I always have them scattered around. I sometimes put a nice candle arrangement and also a filled candy dish with chocolates and such for the holidays :)

  • Pat Pat on May 14, 2024

    I've always said, "You can't have too many books," but I take it back. You can have too many books on one coffee table. Dial it back - stack 2 or 3 and put that gorgeous bowl on them. Still need something else? Try a candle or two. Anything, or even nothing is better than covering the surface with books that no one cares about.