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I'm excited to talk to you today about my deck makeover. I can't wait to share how I made my deck look amazing with some fantastic finds from Amazon. Thanks to my little shopping spree during quarantine, you won't believe how different it looks now.

Starting out

So, first things first: I decided to say goodbye to our old table. Once that was done, it was obvious that the deck needed a good clean and a fresh coat of stain. Luckily, we replaced some old floorboards last year, so this was the perfect time to give the whole deck a makeover.

Cleaning and staining the deck

We started the project off by giving the deck a good scrub. My daughter had so much fun helping out with that part – it was like a little water fight for her!

Then, we headed to the store to grab some deck stain and painting supplies. Our deck is a decent size – 10 by 30 – so my husband and I worked to tackle the job together.

He took care of painting the rails while I handled the edging, and then we both worked on painting the floorboards.

After letting the deck dry for a few days, we went back to do some touch-ups. We needed to apply two coats everywhere, so we used quite a bit of stain – about five gallons in total. The whole process was pretty tiring, but seeing the result made it all worth it.


So, it was time for me to roll out my area rugs. I picked this pattern because it's bold and stands out against all the outdoor colors. I wanted the design to pop. I found these area rugs made from 100% recycled plastic straws on Amazon. I thought that was super cool, and their patterns were just right. So, I bought three of them to cover the entire length of my deck.

Table and chairs

Then, we set up the tables. I needed a long table to seat eight to ten people because of my deck's length. I decided to avoid wood tables altogether due to a bad experience in the past.

I found a metal table that I loved, but it was over $3,000, and I couldn't justify spending that much during these uncertain times. So, I went for three smaller tables instead.

This way, I got the same length and seating capacity I needed but at half the cost. I got these tables from Amazon. They came in two separate boxes, so we had to assemble them, but it was really simple.

As a bonus, once I placed the eight chairs around the table, I had four chairs left over, allowing me to create a second seating area.

I stumbled upon this fantastic 15-foot umbrella on Amazon and fell in love with it.

With my long deck, I always search for a wide umbrella covering a large area. There was a slight hiccup, though—the pole was too big to fit through the patio table's hole. I decided to go for it anyway and just set the umbrella off-center, and surprisingly, it worked out perfectly. It's so big that it still provides plenty of coverage.

However, I wanted to soften the look of the support ribs on the umbrella, so I added some greenery. I found these simple artificial vines on Amazon, and they did the trick.


Next up was adding deck lights. Here's a neat trick I used to get them up quickly: I stuck erasers in the holes, colored them with a black marker, pressed them where I wanted the lights, and voila, the drill marks were right there. I drilled pilot holes, added screws, and hung my solar lights.

Then I moved on to the next one. These lights will give my deck that night-time socializing vibe I was aiming for, not to mention they'll help everyone move around safely when it's dark outside.

Second seating area

As I mentioned earlier, we ended up with four extra chairs, which gave me the idea of creating a second seating area. I placed the chairs on the shadier side of the deck. Since I love plants, this was the perfect chance to group some of my favorite greenery in one corner and aim for that tropical vibe.

I also decided to spruce things up by getting some pillowcases and a throw from Amazon. These helped tie all the colors together and made the space feel cozy and inviting. To top it off, I added some decorative tables for drinks to showcase a few decorative pieces.

Table decor

Now, I'm going to finish setting up the tables. First, I'll lay out my table runners, which I also got from Amazon. I like to layer my table settings, so I'm using a burlap table runner on the bottom and a smaller two-tone burlap runner on top.

Next, I'm placing down some natural jute braided placemats from Amazon. They match the table runners and provide a base for my blue plates. When we redid our kitchen, I opted for all-white plates and packed away these blue ones. I'm glad I kept them because they fit perfectly with this decor.

Finally, I'll add decorative candles, greenery, and snacks to the table.

Deck makeover

That's it for my deck makeover. With the cleaning, staining, and decorating done, our deck is the perfect spot to hang out all summer. What was your favorite part of the makeover? Let me know in the comments below.

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