Spring Farmhouse Tour: Decor For a Cozy & Welcoming Home

Today, we have a beautiful farmhouse tour to share. I am so thrilled to have Bailey back from Cozy Crazing, who is opening up her beautiful home to share with us. Their home is cozy and welcoming. This spring farmhouse will give you ideas for your own design:

Cozy farmhouse living room

Our house was built in the 1950s. It's a three-bedroom, two-bath home just a little bit over 1600 square feet.

Living area

We have three very active boys who love to be outside.

Shoe bench by the door

They're out there right now with all their friends, and they put their shoes on right there at that little bench before heading out the door.

Planter box decorated for spring

This planter box was repurposed out of an antique footboard off a bed. I just added some plants in there, some eggs and carrots, and this little garland for spring.

Decorated hutch

This hutch was a Facebook Marketplace find many, many years ago.

Inside, I have my entire Ironstone tea leaf collection. I was lucky to find almost all of it recently at an estate sale.

I always want to make our home cozy and inviting for our family and friends. We have the boys' friends over a lot, and we host. I love adding different textures, pillows, blankets, and candles to do that. I always try to have fresh flowers in the house. To me, those things make a cozy space.

Duck decor

I collect ducks and birds. Pretty much anything that flies. I think that that's fun as well for spring.

Coffee table vignette for spring

Over here on our coffee table, I grabbed some twigs off the tree in our front yard, put them in that pitcher, a scale with some little bunnies, and some advertising crocks.

Box of brushes

I have another collection of mine. I collect brushes, and I love how unique they all are and their texture.

Cree baskets with plants

These cree baskets were a great estate sale find.

Pie safe

I got this pie safe a couple of years ago from Facebook Marketplace, and I love it. I love how the blue matches our interior doors and the scale up on top.

Apothecary cabinet with terra cotta pots, flower frogs, and vintage gardening tools

I also got this apothecary cabinet from Facebook Marketplace, and I love decorating this area for different seasons.

For spring, I added my terra cotta pots, flower frogs, and vintage gardening tools, and I just love how that little space turned out.

American flag

Over here, we have our American flag; we always have that up; very proud to be an American.


Master bedroom

This is my and my husband's bedroom. It's tiny, but it works for us.

Younger boys' room

This is my youngest boys' room: they share. They spend a lot of time here with their friends, playing games and having sleepovers. It's a great space for them.

Older boy's room

This is my oldest son's room. He's got his Masters flag in there. All three of my kids have Beddy's bedding; if you are unfamiliar with them, they are wonderful for children. It helps them to make their beds easily and keep their rooms nice and tidy.

Boys bathroom

Boys bathroom

This is a space we have recently redone, and I love this bathroom. We added the beadboard in here with some hooks for their towels and a bench down here. I love the flooring here, the black and white. I thought it was very true to the period of the home. This sink is my absolute favorite and was kind of the backbone of the design in this space.

They have green tile in their shower, and then they have some storage for their towels and laundry, and then they have some drawers for extra things.

Farmhouse dining room decorated for spring

Dining room

This is our dining room, and usually, this room gets amazing light. It's a gloomy day here, but that bay window is fantastic for letting in the light. We recently did work here as well.

We added the beadwork ceiling in here, which I think added a lot of character, along with the wainscoting of the cabinets, the countertop, and the open shelving. It's offered a great extension to our kitchen while hosting and having that extra space.

When decorating for spring, I love using a lot of natural elements, lots of texture, woods, whites, flowers, and greenery. So that's what I've done over here on these shelves.

I love mixing the old with the new. I think it provides a nice balance to things. Almost all of these finds are from estate sales, garage sales, and thrifting. You can find so many unique pieces doing that.

Cabinet with overflow kitchen items

We have this other cabinet over here, another Facebook Marketplace find, and it is a great overflow of bowls and different kitchen items.

Kitchen with beadboard ceiling


We added the beadboard ceiling here. We resurfaced the drawers and the cabinets. The paint color on the cabinets here is natural by Sherwin-Williams, and it's very creamy, soft, off-white.

Kitchen island repurposed from an old dresser

The island was repurposed from an old dresser. We just removed the drawers and added a butcher block top to it, adding so much to this space.

I love having fresh flowers in the house. It's kind of my treat to myself every week.

Underneath the cabinets, I've added some little eye hooks to hang some of my kitchen utensils and pretty things.

Having a smaller house, I like having a lot of things readily available, aesthetically pleasing things, so that things that aren't can go away in cabinets.

Open shelving with hooks

We have open shelving over here. Again, I've added the hooks underneath. I have more of our thrifted finds and another duck.

Spring farmhouse tour

I enjoyed this farmhouse tour and sharing my home decorated for spring with you. I hope you've been able to get some spring decor ideas today. Let me know your favorite part in the comments down below.

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  • Susan Susan on Feb 13, 2024
    Beautiful job. Love how you put your collectibles out and you have wonderful finds. I love your use of wainscoting as it pulls everything together and totally upgrades the look.
  • Pat Pat on Feb 20, 2024
    Love it, especially the wainscoting. Hint, if you ever decide to go minimalist, KEEP THE DUCK!