5 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Home on a Budget

I'm sharing five practical but very cool home refresh updates that you can make without breaking the bank. The last idea I'm sharing won't cost you one single penny. Let’s get creative and fix and refresh your space.

Painted wall with a stencil

1. Paint

Painting is a great way to freshen up your space without breaking the bank because paint comes in lots of different price points. So you can use it on the outside of your home using the same colors that you already have to make things look fresh and new. You can use it on the inside of your home, getting creative in rooms like creating an accent wall with paint and a stencil like I did here.

Painting furniture

Paint furniture

Another great thing about paint is that you don't just have to use it on the walls. You can use it on furniture. So maybe you have something that you feel like you don't like anymore. Try painting it first to give it an entirely new look. I found this piece at Goodwill for $19. I painted it, and now I'm using it as a buffet in our dining room.

Updating lighting fixtures

2. Add or update your lighting

Light fixtures are kind of like statement pieces for your room, and they can really make or break your space. A fixture should complement the aesthetic of your home, and you can get really creative in how you want to implement it into your design.

That doesn't just go for overhead lights. I'm talking about accent lighting, as well. There are some affordable options at home improvement stores and also at places like Habitat for Humanity ReStore or Goodwill Thrift Stores. You can find beautiful lighting pieces there that have been gently used.

In this example, I added some lighting to wall art to create an affordable and dramatic effect. The chandelier was a perfect finish for that Parisian vibe we were going for.

Updating faucets to refresh a home

3. Update your faucets

I recently had the opportunity to partner with Delta Faucets on the HGTV Dream Home for 2021. Afterward, I was inspired to update the faucets in our own master bathroom. Delta Faucets offers a variety of finishes to complement any design style, and I really fell in love with this champagne bronze finish. It really just seemed to complement the warm tones in our master bathroom.

Our new shower head is the Delta Intuition two-in-one shower, which features a detachable hand shower that works simultaneously or separately from the shower head.

Adding an area rug to update a space

4. Add an area rug

Not only are area rugs incredible for defining a space, but they can also make a massive difference in the look and feel of a room. I tend to place my more expensive area rugs in the dining room and the family room, which I won't change that often. But in highly trafficked areas like my front door entry and the kitchen, I try to buy rugs that are really affordable.

There are some great options at places like Wayfair and Amazon that you can change and update and even replace seasonally.

Shopping your home for refresh ideas

5. Shop your home

I promised this last tip would be free. Don't be afraid to shop your home. You can rearrange your furniture by using pieces that you already have. Take your accent pieces and even your wall art, change them around, and move them to a different room. You'd be amazed at how different they look in different spaces.

How to refresh your home on a budget

I hope you got some value from my five improvements to refresh your home. Don't forget to leave a comment below on other ideas that you may have to refresh your home without breaking the bank.

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  • Cindy Nicholas Panza Cindy Nicholas Panza on Sep 10, 2023
    Need help to update our small Florida condo from beachy oars and starfish to a more stylish vibe. I I want to entertain in because of my health don't venture out much. But my husband and I need our comfort chairs and then make room for others. Only 1100 sq ft. Combo living/ dining room. I'm befuddled! I love the styles you show. Help!
  • Sharon Cunningham Sharon Cunningham on Dec 30, 2023
    I will definitely try some of your ideas. I covered my sofa with a slip cover to cover a slightly worn one, it was much more inexpensive than purchasing a new sofa. You can buy them in different colors and patterns. I love it.