How to Do a Wabi-Sabi Bedroom Makeover

Liz Besanson
by Liz Besanson

It's been three years since I last styled this guest room, and I was inspired to do something warmer and moodier. I want to show you my new wabi sabi bedroom. It is a complete transformation that I love.

What is wabi-sabi design?

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese style of home decorating. It embraces perfection in imperfection. It uses beautiful elements from nature yesterday that are organic, asymmetrical, or imperfect but are aesthetically pleasing.

Rooms decorated in this style tend to be comfortable, cozy, and very welcoming. Wabi sabi style is also rooted in simplicity, making it perfect for those leaning toward minimalism.

Room before the makeover

Room before

Now, let's take a tour of the bedroom that I've made it over. I removed all the pillows from the bed. We're using them in the other room, but here is what this room looks like.

Liquid nails on the wall border

I used liquid nails on my wall border; I hope to get this off and not rip my wall down.

Window treatments from Nicole Miller Home

The window treatments are lovely. These are from Nicole Miller Home, and I got these at Home Goods three years ago.

Bedroom before the makeover

These lights are cool, and the little end tables are cute. I might have to either flip them or get some new ones. Then, if I spin around there, this room is also used for excess overflow of things, so some shoe boxes are lined up here.

This IKEA dresser lost the top panel as we dragged it here. I would love to do something fresh with the closet as well. This room is really small. I forgot to mention that this ceiling fan is new, and this room needs it. and as much as

I want to take this ceiling fan down and put in a beautiful light fixture. It's still really warm even with our AC for some reason, so we need to circulate the air here.

We have new carpet as of last year, and more shelving units as this is an overflow room of some excess things. When we have guests, we make it nice and tidy. I'm showing you what this room looks like.

Bedroom before

So here's the full scope of the room. I'm going to turn around, and here's the door, this is like a ten by 12 size.

Painting the dresser black

Dresser makeover

I decided to salvage the Ikea dresser with some vinyl flooring from Lowe's, which is in driftwood. I prepped the exterior by giving it a good clean and then used some black cabinet paint to go around the outside.

My husband laid out a pattern for me. I told him my vision was to do a herringbone front face, which was our template.

Dresser makeover

We loosely have it on there, and then basically, you take a box cutter and two scores and fold and bend, and then you have your pieces.

Updated dresser

It's super easy, and here I am, just gluing it together. I used some crazy glue for extra adhesion and was really happy with the overall turnout. Not bad for an IKEA dresser. No one would suspect you can do this with various tiles and paint colors.

Painted walls


I just tried to see how easy it would be to remove that border. I Googled how to remove it, it's said to use a heat gun, mineral spirits, or lubricant to slide under there.

Instead, we're going to buy some trim for the top because there's no way in the world that I'm able to get this trim off the wall without completely damaging it and setting us back by a month or so to fix all of the walls. I wanted a nice, minimal, clean wall, but unfortunately, I will have to put some fancy trim up there to fix the problem.

Maybe at another time, we can hire a professional. If we ever sell the home, we will take it down and do everything right, but for now, it'll appease me to have it cleaned up.

New molding on the walls

So this new molding is beautiful and the wall color is beautiful.

Fluted side tables

Decor pieces

I was at HomeSense, and these little side tables caught my eye. I love the fluted front. I love the distressed wood and the black hardware. These will make a perfect addition to this small space.

Matching desk for the side tables

I popped into Home Goods, and lo and behold; I noticed the matching desk to those side tables.

Making abstract art with plaster bandages

I love to DIY my artwork, and here I am, just using plaster bandages dipped in water and creating minimalistic abstract art. This is probably one of my favorite things to do.

New curtains hanging on the windows

Here, the new curtains are hung. They look beautiful, and I feel they are very cohesive with everything else in the room.

New twin-size bed

I ordered this bed; it is a twin-size bed. We went from a king to a twin just to make the room look larger, and this memory foam mattress is surprisingly a good buy. It is super comfortable.

Wabi-sabi bedroom makeover

Wabi-sabi bedroom
Wabi-sabi bedroom makeover
Wabi-sabi bedroom style

This is the wabi-sabi bedroom, with all the changes we made. What do you think? Let me know your favorite part of the transformation in the comments below.

To see some of the products used in this wabi-sabi bedroom makeover, click to see my Amazon storefront. I may receive a small affiliate commission from purchases made using this link but at no cost to you.

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  • Bft51987322 Bft51987322 on Dec 28, 2023
    Great job! I was unfamiliar with Wabi Sabi but it seems like a style that would blend with my MCM aesthetic which is well suited to SE Florida. It's a small room but your efforts gave me more ideas and motivation than I get from much longer, drawn out renos & your room looks great. Inspired! Off to Home Goods now! Lol ⛄️