Giving My Daughter's Space a Tween Bedroom Makeover

I'm sharing a back-to-school tween bedroom makeover for my youngest daughter. She has definitely outgrown her little girl space, so I'm going to share all of the details on this with you today so you can curate some tween bedroom makeover ideas of your own.

1. Old furniture

This is Delaney's old furniture. She got it from her older sister once she outgrew it. They are great pieces of furniture, but they are definitely for a younger girl.

The drawers were too small and the overall look was starting to be a little too young for her. It's the perfect furniture for my niece now so we gave it to her, and we designed a space that Delaney can grow into hopefully for years to come.

2. Lighting

The lighting was the most important feature in this room because Delaney is a child who does not like the dark. My goal was to give her at least three sources of light.

She actually has a source of light on each wall, starting with this gorgeous chandelier. It brought the perfect amount of elegance and that art deco vibe that we were looking for, and we just think it's a great addition to the room.

On the next wall, we kept the old lamp from her previous room. It had some gorgeous strands of crystals that seemed to complement the new space, and she wanted to keep it so we did.

On the next wall, we moved the fairy lights that were on her main wall behind her drapery panels.

I was originally going to keep her floor lamp as well, but it didn't seem to fit in. I even tried to add some crystal strands to it, but it didn't give off that Parisian chic look we were going for.

Then I walked into HomeGoods the other day, and I found this floor lamp by Rachel Zoe. It screams Delaney, and it's just a delightful addition of light right next to her bed space.

I also added some picture lighting over her Great Big Canvas wall art just to give her a little additional accent lighting over her beautiful view of the city.

On the final wall, I recently found this “good vibes only” sign neon light at HomeGoods.

And I added some fairy lights that are battery-operated so she can keep them on at night and they won't disturb her while she's sleeping.

Finally, a desk light to give her some extra lighting while she's finishing up her homework at night.

3. Dresser

I found this new dresser. I had to search high and low for one this wide. This is a 72-inch nine-drawer dresser, but it allows her to organize her space.

4. Decor

I styled her dresser with some dusty rose-colored pampas grass and a clear glass vessel.

I also found this long slender tray at HomeGoods. I like it because it'll encourage her to corral all of her things and keep the clutter down to a minimum.

5. Mirror

Finally, I added a new mirror, also by Rachel Zoe. I found it at HomeGoods. I also found this feather piece at HomeGoods. I thought it would be nice in here.

6. Panels

I found the panels at JCPenney. They were the perfect color, also a dusty rose.

7. Wall decor

On to the main event, I found this stunning wall decor from Great Big Canvas. This is a view of the Parisian skyline at twilight and the lights in the canvas are illuminating key landmarks in the city. I had never really seen a view of the city from this perspective.

8. Desk

Even though she has a study station just outside of her door, she doesn't like working in that area, so we added her own desk and gave her some extra space to get very organized for her last year of elementary school.

9. Bed

Delaney has been eyeing this bed for at least two years. I shopped around but couldn't find anything that was comparable. This is the Devon Daybed in a full size. It has a trundle so she can pull out an extra sleeping area when her cousins come over. This transformation is one that she can truly grow into.

10. Walls

I left the walls pretty plain because she changes her mind a lot, but she is totally delighted with how everything came out, which makes my heart sing.

DIY tween bedroom makeover

Ready to jump into a DIY tween bedroom makeover of your own? The best way to get started is to think about your child’s unique interests and create a space that feels like their own.

What passions does your tween have that you could turn into a themed space? Share your tween bedroom makeover plans below.

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  • Lorena Lorena on Apr 07, 2024
    Very inspiring! Beautiful! Easy to imagine how delighted Delaney is with the new room!