Minimalist Bedroom Makeover: Transformation From Traditional to Simple

Liz Besanson
by Liz Besanson

Today, I will take my daughter's traditional, elegant, and beautiful bedroom and turn it into a minimalist bedroom. She has moved out on her own, so I'm excited to see what becomes of this space. I'll show you how I transformed from a maximalist to a minimalist style.

The bedroom is finally finished. I could do a few last-minute touches on styling, and I'm pretty happy with it. Although I might switch out a few things in the future, I'm really happy with the style. Let me show you the room tour.

We kept the dresser because I liked it, and I kept it very minimal.

You'll see just a few marble trays and some of my favorite books there. This is my artwork, the fantastic lamp I found at the Crate and Barrel Outlet.

The amazing linen chair is from Target. This looks like such an original mid-century piece. I love its shape. I love it.

Over here, I brought my bookcases from the other room in and made it super simple.

I didn't want to congest the shelves, so I kept them for my fragrances, a couple of books, some pieces of pottery, some more of my artwork, and some of my favorite little boxes. I store things in them, so that's also an excellent way to declutter if you have many little things and want them to look nice and pretty. Save your boxes, and then you can store them there.

This was a desk that I was using in my office downstairs.

My new table from the outlet came in yesterday. I have a simple book here and my favorite brand of candles. I added a terrazzo ball. I think it just pops right on the table.

This is a faux fur on my little mid-century chair. I thought it just brightened it up a little bit more here.

On this side, I added some more pottery.

I have a beautiful vase Kelsey bought me for Christmas two years ago. Some more of my artwork, my fragrances, my boxes, just keeping things tidy and not so over congested, and these beautiful sheer curtains.

They cascade on the floor.

I think it looks dreamy and beautiful and elegant. This room is all white.

I want to show you these beautiful side tables.

They have a textured effect on them, and I think they are so cool. They match the room so well.

I did some artwork because this wall was so large I needed something to balance it.

I wanted to keep the space minimal, so I got a huge 60 by 30-inch canvas.

My bed is from Rove Concepts.

It is a floating bed, so it looks like it's lifted off the ground, but there are legs a little bit further


This is the carpet I got from HomeGoods, and I love how it ties into the bed.

The colors are very complementary to one another.

Something that we immediately did was change the light fixture here.

My daughter had a beautiful chandelier that was the statement piece in the room, aside from the fireplace that was in there. I knew the light fixture had to set the stage for the space.

So it's the first thing that I purchased. This is a Kate Spade lamp. I didn't want anything fussy. It is just a nice, minimal, artsy-looking light fixture.

We decided to bring the bookshelves over and place the desk in the center.

Then I brought the chair, which had a little sitting area. The dresser is right behind me, and the door to the exit is right outside.

So this is a huge change from before, and I am super happy with how it turned out.

I want to go over a few things that will help you bring a modern minimalist space into your home.

Neutral tone

So, the first thing to consider is your room's neutral tone. You want to paint it a very light, neutral color. That will help to bring a lot of light into your space. It will make it look larger, and it's going to make it look sophisticated.

Window treatments

Your window treatments will sometimes make or break your room; if you have the wrong window treatments, it doesn't matter how expensive or beautiful your furniture is; if it is the wrong fabric and overwhelming, it can destroy the whole look of the room. I changed mine twice before I figured out that the sheers were what would work in this space.


Another thing is to make sure that you're decluttering. If you love modern minimalism, you want to curate your space well. Less is more when you are switching over to more of a modern, minimalist space.

I used to have so much stuff: lots of picture frames on the walls, lots of artwork, lots of statues and sculptures, vases, candles, and books. It became overwhelming. I wanted something a little bit different. I feel more at peace with less around me.

Intentional curation

When you're curating your space, you want to pull things or keep things that are contributing to the design of your room. So, for instance, on these bookshelves, I have just a few of my favorite books and a few art pieces that match, blend, and go with the space. I have my perfume bottles displayed, but I have a few. I use shoe boxes, which I feel is a great way to hide many things I don't want people to see on the shelves while keeping them tidy.

Light fixtures

Another tip would be to consider your light fixtures. Light fixtures, again, can either make or break your space. Even though I'm not keeping them, these lamps blended into the room, so I brought them up to showcase the room.

So the light fixtures, especially the one up here, are all within the same family. It's all very, sorry, very modern and sculptural, and that's the key I want you to remember. Keep your styles similar.


The last thing is to consider the furniture pieces that you choose. I often go antiquing, so I love looking and hunting for vintage mid-century modern pieces. They are anywhere from the 1940s to the 70s. A lot of those pieces are sculptural and very architectural. All my pieces tie in together; they are either vintage or look vintage. It's all the same furniture and style from the same period with complimentary tones. That is how you bring it all together.

I hope you enjoyed my minimalist bedroom makeover. I also hope my tips for transitioning to a minimalist style were helpful to you. Comment below and let me know your favorite parts of this room tour.

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