Coastal Hamptons Style: 18 Ways to Try It Out in Your Bedroom


Create a serene and elegant coastal Hamptons-style bedroom. A coastal Hamptons bedroom is sophisticated and captures the essence of the tranquil seaside.

Let’s explore the key elements that make the coastal Hamptons style so captivating from soothing color palettes of soft blues, seafoam green, and coral pink to incorporating natural textures and maritime-themed decor.

1. Coastal style foundation

The foundation of a coastal Hamptons bedroom starts with an open, light-filled space. Think of beach houses with open layouts.

2. Coastal color schemes

Color schemes here draw directly from the sea and sky. A palette of varying blues paired with pristine whites and sandy neutrals is a must for creating that beachside aura.

3. Coastal paint colors

Sea salt by Sherwin Williams and Pale Powder by Farrow and Ball are marvelous choices for a Hamptons bedroom. The hues evoke the feeling of ocean sprays and sandy beaches.

Upward by Sherwin-Williams is a tranquil blue that captures the sea and the expansive open sky making it a perfect complement to our coastal palette. Use Upward as an accent wall or for an entire room. It will surely bring a breath of fresh air into any space.

Upward harmonizes seamlessly with soft whites and sandy neutrals.

4. Coastal textures

Pair Upward or other coastal colors with natural textures and materials such as driftwood, wicker, and linen.

5. Additional coastal paint colors

Coastal Fog by Benjamin Moore

This is a versatile, misty gray warm brown with green undertones that pairs well with white trims and driftwood.

Beachcomber by Sherwin-Williams

This evokes seashells and sandy shores. The hue warms up any room.

Come Sail Away by Benjamin Moore

This color is a beautiful hue for an accent wall or provides a striking contrast when paired with crisp white, light wood, and neutral tones.

6. Costal accent colors

Consider coral or turquoise to bring in the shades of the shoreline and sea. These tones brighten the space.

7. Coastal textures

Natural textures for coastal design include woven seagrass headboards, rattan accessories, and driftwood accents. light timbers with gray undertones–these textures and materials all add to the natural beachy feel of a Hamptons bedroom.

8. Maritime art and antiques

Consider adding a tasteful piece of coastal art or perhaps an antique compass as a decorative piece on a dresser.

9. Coastal flooring

Flooring is lighter in tones, such as sun-bleached wood or light timbers with gray undertones.

10. Coastal furniture and layout

Furniture choices lean towards more relaxed pieces. A bed with a distressed wood frame or a cozy oversized lounge chair is perfect for this setting.

The layout should maximize natural light and offer views to the outdoors, if possible.

11. Coastal bedding

For a coastal Hamptons look, think light, airy, and inspired by the sea.

Begin with crisp white linens.

Introduce subtle nautical elements like soft blues, seafoam greens, or even coral pinks.

Coastal patterns such as stripes, seashells, or maritime motifs make excellent choices for duvet covers or throw pillows.

Consider a lightweight blanket in a complementary coastal color for a layered look.

Fabrics like linen or breathable cotton are ideal for capturing that beachy, laid-back vibe.

12. Coastal style lighting

Simple coastal-inspired lighting, including lantern-style lights or lamps with clear glass bases, will contribute to the overall airy and nautical feel.

13. Coastal accessories

Accessories can be whimsical, think seashells, ropes, or even small-scale model boats.

14. Nautical maps

Consider framing old maritime maps with whitewashed or light-colored wooden frames to maintain the sophistication of the Hamptons style.

15. Ship models

Place a finely crafted ship model on a dresser or a floating shelf to elegantly emphasize the maritime element.

16. Seashell and coral decor

Use seashells and coral sparingly as decor items on your nightstand or as part of a wall collage for a gentle nod to maritime themes.

17. Porthole mirrors

Consider a sophisticated porthole mirror with a polished or distressed frame to give a maritime flair to the bedroom.

18. Coastal window treatments

Window treatments enhance the airy, beachy ambiance.

Start with soft, sheer curtains that allow the natural light to flow into your room while giving a light, ethereal quality to your windows.

Opt for natural fibers like linen or cotton when you are layering heavier drapes with your sheers. These fabrics complement the overall coastal vibe, adding a touch of rustic elegance without making the room feel heavy.

For a sleeker look consider Roman shades made from natural fibers like bamboo or linen. These shades can be raised or lowered to adjust the amount of light coming in.

Stick to a subdued palette. Think whites, creams, and light blues or grays to align with the coastal vibe.

Soft pastels can also make an occasional appearance for a pop of subtle color.

Coastal Hamptons style

I hope you found the inspiration you need to bring a little ocean magic into your own luxury bedroom. It’s as simple as adding the right colors and accessories to achieve a beachy look.

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