8 Small Bedroom Design Mistakes & Ideas For How to Fix Them

Let’s look at some small bedroom ideas. These ideas are fixes to design mistakes we all make. I’ll help you transform this little space on a budget with the ideas from the Home Depot.


1. Limiting color and pattern

Mistake: Assuming white bedding and walls are the only options.

Fix: Experiment with color and pattern, but keep it to a limited palette of 2-3 colors to avoid overwhelming the space.

2. Overlooking headboard design

Mistake: Neglecting to incorporate pattern into the room.

Fix: Use wallpaper to create a patterned headboard, adding visual interest without cluttering the space.

3. Ignoring space perception

Mistake: Failing to create the illusion of a larger room.

Fix: Use wall-to-wall applications, like wallpaper, to visually widen the room.

4. Wasting floor space

Mistake: Choosing bulky nightstands.

Fix: Opt for floating drawers to save floor space and maintain an open feel.

5. Lack of lighting consideration

Mistake: Using table lamps that take up valuable surface space.

Fix: Choose pendant lighting and reading lights to free up bedside table space.

6. Underestimating mirrors

Mistake: Overlooking the benefits of mirrors in small spaces.

Fix: Place a large mirror across from a window to reflect light and make the room appear larger.

7. Neglecting storage solutions

Mistake: Not maximizing storage potential.

Fix: Add a storage bench at the foot of the bed for additional storage without cluttering the room.

8. Overdecorating

Mistake: Adding too many accessories and decor items.

Fix: Keep styling minimal with a textured rug and simple bedding to prevent the space from feeling overcrowded.



Those are the best small bedroom decorating ideas to fix those mistakes. Do you have any other small bedroom decorating ideas? Share them with us in the comments below.

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