15 Artsy Bar Lounge Decor Ideas to Help Restyle Your Space

Liz Besanson
by Liz Besanson

If artsy home decor is your thing, this two-room house tour should delight and inspire you. I'm going to show you all the things—old and new—that I sourced to revamp and restyle this space.

By the end of the tour, you’ll have plenty of bar lounge decor ideas you can implement in your own home. Let’s start the tour.

Console bar cabinet

1. Console bar cabinet

I loved this console cabinet so much that I turned it into a fabulous bar. Because it’s in my lounge room, I thought it would be pretty cool to serve cocktails up here when guests come in.

Mini wine fridge

One of my newest purchases is in this cabinet now, which is a mini wine fridge from the company NewAir. It’s a 16-bottle wine compressor, and I really love this unit because I have both reds and whites in there. The beauty of it is that it regulates the temperature of each at the same time.

Drinks glass cabinet

You can see that the refrigerator is here, I have a few glasses down at the bottom, and then on this side, I have my wine glasses, martini glasses, and tumblers.

Liquor cabinet

On the other side is the good stuff. I have all my liqueurs, cordials, and our other favorite things that we like to drink right here. We're not big drinkers, but I think it's really cool to have a nice setup for when we do drink and when guests come over.

Full drinks cabinet

This NewAir unit has been such a lifesaver, and it adds a lot of value to my little bar area.

Woven rug under a coffee table

2. Woven rug

My new rug was such a score. I was casually walking into my favorite retailer, Home Goods, and I always tend to browse the rug section right when I get there. On my last trip, I came across this woven all-white rug, and I could not have told the guy to get it down fast enough.

Athena Calderone Live Beautiful on a coffee table

3. Table decor pieces

This bowl is one of my mid-century modern finds, and I have some new coffee table books. I'm loving this one by Athena Calderone called Live Beautiful. I have some other books stacked here as well.

Repurposed coffee table

4. Coffee table

Our coffee table is a repurposed piece. We already had the base of it, so we added a concrete top and started using it as a coffee table in our lounge room.

Boucle chairs for a bar-lounge

5. Boucle chairs

We tend to rearrange a lot of furniture at our house because we get bored easily, so we brought these chairs downstairs from one of the kid’s bedrooms.

Club chairs for a bar-lounge

6. Club chairs

The other chairs in the room were already here. They are the gold and velour club chairs I bought when we purchased the home, so now all four chairs are together to create more of a lounge space where people can sit and chat with their cocktails.

Horse statue on a mantel

7. Horse statue

This horse statue is actually a new purchase from Pottery Barn. Originally, it was in the front room, but I moved it to the mantle once I received some new artwork from a dear friend of mine who is an artist.

Raw silk artworks

8. Artwork

The artwork sent to me is two pieces of raw silk, by Jeralyn Victoria, and I adore them. They really tighten this space.

Old cookie jar with a plant

9. Vase

I do a lot of DIY projects, and this vase is a replica of one that I saw at Restoration Hardware. I took an old cookie jar that I paid $5 for at Goodwill and antiqued it. Then, I harvested these little branches from my yard. I pretty much live in a forest, so I have branches available whenever I need them.

Spindle next a fireplace

10. Spindle

This decor piece I found at an antique shop near me. It’s actually an old spindle from a house, and I paid $20 for it. I just love the raw wood and the texture of it.

Travertine table

11. Travertine table

I found this table, believe it or not, at an antique shop. It was marked for $75, and I told the salesperson that I was interested in the table, but I guess she didn't hear me. I walked away to shop some more, and she tapped me on my shoulder and said that she’d give it to me for $60.

Marble pedestals

12. Marble pedestals

I decided to flank these two marble pedestals because the table is a little bit shorter. I had some more wiggle room for the seating, and they work really nicely to put your drinks on and so forth. I also think they add a lot of artistic value to the space.

White couches in a bar-lounge area

13. Couches

These couches were in my basement and they were in our old home before that. I can't even remember where I bought these, but they're about two or three years old. They have a very Restoration Hardware feel, and that's the kind of vibe I was going for since they’re a little bit more comfy and cozy.

White pedestal with a plant

14. White pedestal

I purchased this white pedestal from the same store I got the travertine table from, and it was $35. It has a couple of nicks on it, but I think that adds more character to it. I just love the height of it as well.

Linen drapes

15. Linen drapes

I added all these linen drapes recently. These are from Ralph Lauren Home, and they are beautiful Belgian linen drapes that are 108 inches long. Don't even ask me how many panels are on there. There are a lot.

Bar lounge decor

Bar lounge decor ideas

In essence, the bar lounge decor you’ve seen here today is considered to be minimalist decor, yet there are still colors, patterns, and textures that are all blended together nicely.

Artsy decor can be big and bold or it can be calm and muted based on your personal preferences. But the best way to create the right vibe in your home is to curate a collection of things you love. I hope the bar lounge decor ideas I’ve shared with you today will help you do that. Let me know which pieces you love most in the comments.

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  • DDDonna DDDonna on Nov 19, 2023
    Everything so beautiful. Great deal on travertine coffee table (wished I had it). Spindle is unique and looks perfect in its place.