The 5 Best Bedroom Paint Colors (Depending on Your Mood)

Casa Chaps
by Casa Chaps

What are the perfect bedroom paint colors? There’s no best bedroom paint color because it's personal. But there are color recommendations that can serve as inspiration to you.

Always remember that paint colors affect your mood. Ask yourself if you need a wake-up nudge to energize and motivate you for the day ahead or do you prefer your bedroom to be your cocoon and retreat from the world?

Then keep these color tips in mind:

  • Soft and warm colors are often used for cozy and intimate spaces.
  • Cool hues create calm, peaceful yet refreshing atmospheres.
  • Deeply saturated paint colors energize and can be passionate.

Here are my top five colors for your bedroom:

1. Blue

Blue is the most relaxing and calming color on the color wheel and is suitable for a bedroom. It’s been scientifically proven that blue is good at slowing down your metabolism which is exactly what you need in a bedroom.

You can use different shades of blue to create a monochromatic look.

Choose one shade of blue with white, beige, or light gray to add some interest.

Mix blue with warm natural materials, like wood, jute, and baskets.

Use gold with blue in a bedroom.

2. Green

It’s a great backdrop in your bedroom since it’s the main color in nature. We all know that we are calmer and more relaxed when we are outside in nature and we want to evoke the same feeling in our bedroom.

If you want it to look fresh and crisp, mix it with white and beige.

For a more contemporary and colorful look, add browns, pinks, and dark grays to your green color palette. Mix gold metals with green.

3. Pink

Pink is a nurturing and comforting color that evokes the feeling that everything is going to be okay. Use pink as an accent so it’s not so overpowering.

Balance pinks with other colors, too, like white, gray, beige, brown, and blue.

4. White

White is the most serene and fresh color that works best for a small room. It adds openness in a small space.

Add different colors, like black, wood, and other natural tones to make the white more interesting, contemporary, and relaxing while staying neutral.

For a fun vibe, introduce light blue or pastel colors as secondary accent colors for a more vibrant space.

5. Gray

For a more dramatic and cozy feel you want to go with gray since it evokes feelings of comfort and makes the walls closer. Evaluate the windows and space you have before using any shade of gray. Make sure there’s enough natural light coming into the room so the room isn’t too stuffy or dense.

For a contemporary look, mix different shades of gray with wood and other earthy tones and gold metals to warm up the space. Be sure to add plants as they always create more life in a space.

Bedroom paint colors

Those are my choices for the best paint colors for a bedroom. Do you agree with my picks? Let me know your favorite paint color for a bedroom by leaving a comment here.

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