Summer Home Decor: Refreshing My Space For the New Season

Do you need a summer home refresh and new summer home decor ideas? I have the answers right here! Let’s get started organizing and renewing this space.

1. Flowers

Real or faux, I love flowers, especially the faux ones at HomeGoods that look so real.

2. Vase

I also snagged this gold vase from HomeGoods and the pop of gold goes great with the agate wall art I made.

3. Wall art

This narrow wall is difficult to decorate because of the wall switches. The agate wall art was easy to make. I purchased a set of agate with gold rims on Amazon. It’s flat so it was easy when I glued it to the glass.

4. Cookware

I found this set of cookware at Aldi. This set of mint green pots and pans with gold handles stopped me in my tracks. It’s such a pretty, soft color. I bought the frying pan, saucepan, and larger saute pan. They are non-stick and easy to clean.

5. Pull-out drawer

If you don’t have a Rev-A-Shelf pullout drawer to keep you organized, you are missing out. I had mine for years and I promise you it will save your back.

6. Sticky light

I found this battery-operated light from Dollar Tree and it comes with sticky Velcro that you peel and stick. Stick it to the upper portion of your cabinet. It makes a big difference to have lighting inside your cabinet. I love it so much I’m upgrading to motion sensor lights.

7. Dusting

I have to take care of my mirrored furniture in my guest room. I enjoy using my glass and mirror cleaner by The Laundress Laundry. It’s a high-end product and I love how it smells. I don’t use it all over the house. I use it in our guest rooms to remove stagnant, lingering odors. The mirrored nightstands are from City Furniture and the bed is from Berhhardt. The comforter is from Neiman Marcus.

8. Tea and coffee drawer

I gave our tea and coffee drawer a little attention with organizers and lights. When you open the drawer, the lights come on.

This long narrow box has stainless steel straws and iced tea spoons. I have another box with small teaspoons. Yet another box houses our favorite teas, such as ginger tea with peach, black fruit peach, chamomile, vanilla, and honey. Here’s another box with teas from HomeGoods and Whole Foods. The smallest box holds tea rests.

9. Office organizers

This gold set came from Hobby Lobby. I use the bin to hold unopened bagged coffee. I have another one for my hot cocoa pods.

Summer home decor

I hope these ideas have inspired you to clean and organize your home. Let me know if you like this summer home decor and cleaning tips. Leave a message below and let me know how you refresh your summer home.

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