How to Find Cute Thrifted Decor For Summer

Today is one of the very first thrift with me for the summer. I'm super pumped. School is finally getting out for everybody, and I feel like everyone is in full-blown summer mode at this point. But without further ado, let's go ahead into the thrift store and see what we can find today.

The first thing I saw when I walked into the thrift store today was the patriotic section that they had, in particular, all the festive things for Memorial Day and also for the Fourth of July. As you can see, they had some really pretty American flags, ball caps, clothing for kids and adults, as well as a little bit of everything. If you wanted to have a party, you could definitely thrift your items.

Moving along to the everyday decor, I found so many items for my home. I absolutely love coming in here.

Every week, I check out their baskets, pillows, blankets, wall decor, lamps, and furniture.

In fact, the furniture section is one of my favorite sections in this store. You can find some really good things at really great prices. I love looking at their little wooden chairs.

I have a couple of chairs that I keep in corners in a few of my rooms, and one of them is a little wooden chair with a cane top that I have in my kitchen. I love to put little plants on there, so I have a pothos plant staged on top of a little wooden chair in my kitchen, and it looks really cute.

Thrift stores are a great place to find furniture for a great price.

I could not believe that I found a Magnolia Home item here. This is a sugar mold. They are so cute, and I know some people style them in hutches and whatnot, but in years past, I have had a sugar mold as the centerpiece on my dining room table. And in the little holes there on top of the sugar mold, I put florals and greenery, making a huge centerpiece with it, so that is a great idea if you ever come across a sugar mold while you're out thrifting at antique stores.

I also thought this piece was neat. It's kind of like a little lazy Susan if you will, so you can put a canister or something on there and kind of rotate it around. I thought that was interesting.

I also thought that these wooden houses would be so cute in a little kid's room, like in a nursery or something. They kind of have the kid vibe to it, in my opinion, but they are so cute.

Another one of my favorite sections to check out in the thrift store is the book section. On this particular day, I did find a stack of cookbooks that were Better Homes and Gardens, so I thought that was really awesome.

I love looking for matte-finished books so I can decorate with them facing out.

Another thing I love thrifting is clothing, so a lot of the clothing in my closet is thrifted. I like to style them and show people that you can thrift some pretty good pieces for your closet.

I look for the Universal Thread brand and pretty much any type of neutral clothing item. That's more my style and offers the relaxed vibe that I go for.

Another thing I found today was a one-piece navy swimsuit. It was so cute. I wasn't a huge fan of how it fit my hips, so I didn't end up purchasing it, but it was adorable.

I also found this leopard print dress. It was actually a size 4x top, but I decided that I could easily wear it as a dress. I thought it was super cute.

Alright, so this is the little section in the store that I style. This was from before. It's been about a week since I have touched this section.

Afterward, I filled it with all of the things that I found in the thrift store today.

I really enjoy giving people inspiration on how they can style things in their home and giving them a new eye for the pieces that need extra love because these are pieces that people simply don't want anymore.

Now I'm going to give you guys a quick little haul. I am super excited about what I found. The first thing that I picked up was in the festive decor area. I found a plain white ball cap, and I love wearing ball caps, especially in the summer because I throw my hair back all the time. I know I'll wear this constantly, so that was a great find.

The next thing that I picked up was this vine plant. I have a similar one that I found at IKEA last fall. It looks pretty realistic and has a little black pot.

I bought this because I think it looks perfect inside of this crock. I'm a sucker for crocks. I think they look super cool, and you can do a lot with crocks. This one is a neutral color but it is pretty aged too.

I ended up getting ten books in different colors as well. I love to get books with a matte finish on them and style them facing out to show the pages.

One of my ideas is to stack multiple up then place the plant on them.

The only other thing that I picked up was this outdoor throw pillow. It's a navy one.

Summer decorating ideas

I absolutely love going to the thrift stores and finding all the great things, especially for summer decorating. If you enjoy thrifting too, let me know in the comments section. What is your favorite item that you have ever thrifted and why?

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