How to Find Cute Spring Decor at Antique & Thrift Stores

Today we are going antiquing at one of my favorite local antique stores to scope it out for spring decor ideas. I am on the hunt for some different vessels and anything unique that screams spring.

Lately, I have been able to score some really beautiful candlesticks that look like flowers so they are very spring-inspired, and that's kind of what I'm keeping my eye out for as far as spring decorations go. I will also be showing how to style these spring decor pieces at home.

I absolutely love this wicker light. This has been here for several months and every time I'm here, I keep thinking about it. It is so pretty. We are currently trying to make a little breakfast nook in our kitchen, and I think that would look so cute hanging above the table.

I also love this coat rack. I've had my eye on this the last couple of times I've been here as well, and we are also trying to make a mudroom at the moment. I think that that would be a really pretty addition to hang in there.

Another one of my favorite things is this little stool. It is so pretty. I think it would look great as a side table

Also, this milk glass with flowers in it is beautiful as well. I am definitely getting a lot of spring inspiration from it.

I love this little bowl also. I think it is so pretty with all the blue detail on it. It would be beautiful inside of a hutch or on floating shelves. It is a unique find.

Spring decor

Now, let’s take a peek at the antique haul I ended up going home with. I'm going to be sharing how you can style each of these pieces for spring.

I adore this crock. I originally saw it around Christmas, and I love it.

For some spring inspiration, I have different picks here. This one is a branch that has little green buds on it, and I might add a floral element to it as well, like some little cosmos.

This is what it would look like with some cosmos in it. I think it is stunning. This would be gorgeous on a console table, on our buffet, or in our living room. We also have a dining room table that this could be placed on.

I purchased item number two at ReNew. It is a tiny little basket and the handles do move, so you can set it down somewhere, or you can have it hanging on a hook and have some flowers spilling out of it. It's a darker wicker and has kind of a worn look with some chipping.

You can either put a faux plant in here, but what I'm going to be doing for simplicity sake is taking these florals and placing them in here. I have some extra cosmos that I've cut up and a little stem of greenery that came from Hobby Lobby. How cute is that? It's very simple.

Here is another thrift find. I got this vase for only a couple dollars. It's more of an urn style, but the detail on it is beautiful. It has some scallop detail on the top and around this middle section.

Then on the bottom, it has even more detail. It is textured, so you can paint this if you want to for spring. I'm going to leave it as is since I'm planning to put it on my dining room table paired with another vase that I have.

To give this a little spring flare, I am taking these variegated stems from Hobby Lobby. They have a very life-like feel since they are wispy and realistic looking. This would be beautiful styled on a dining room table, which is what I'm planning to do with it, on a console table, or if you had a really good size mantle, you could style it there with a big piece of landscape art.

Spring decorating ideas

Now I will show you how I would style these. We're going to go around my home and I'm going to show you how I would place them throughout my space.

First up. We're going to be styling this little number here.

What I'm going to do is take this plant here and switch out that darker color to add in some more vibrant color.

There you go. It's so simple, yet it livens up this space and adds some more color.

As far as the centerpiece goes, this is how I've had it for winter. Again, it’s kind of darker, moodier colors. I am going to simply make this a little more vibrant for spring using the thrifted urn that I found.

I am leaving the tray and the candlesticks here and switching out the floral arrangement. I like to intertwine the branches a bit to make them look more organic and relaxed instead of having everything so perfect.

Next, I am going to be placing some battery-operated candles in there.

I think it looks so elegant, and it was very easy to put together.

Last but not least, we are going to be taking that crock that I found at the antique store and styling it right here on my coffee table. I already took away what I had there prior, which was a basket with some asparagus fern and another little antique vessel.

I placed the crock with the greenery there, I have some books that are brighter colors, and I placed a candle right on top.

Spring decor ideas

Spring decorating ideas are plentiful when you shop locally and keep your eyes open for deals. Honestly, the best spring decor items are those with a story behind them, so check out your local antique store and see what speaks to you most.

What amazing finds have you purchased in your latest spring haul? Share your top buys with others in the comments section that follows.

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