Thrifted Spring Decor Ideas: Goodwill Finds & How I Style Them

If you’re looking for spring decor ideas, join me here as I show you what I thrifted from Goodwill. I wanted to see what spring decorating ideas I could find secondhand before heading to retail stores.

I found some great home decor items for spring! I pop in and out of the store a few times a week, and this is a small Goodwill.

I don’t have a lot of thrifting options near me. Sometimes there’s nothing there, other times I get very lucky and there are a ton of items.

Baskets at a thrift store

1. Baskets

They had a great selection of baskets on the day I went. Heading into spring is a great time to scour the basket section of Goodwill for Easter baskets and more.

Thrifted clocks

2. Clocks

There was a plethora of clocks on display, too–from wall clocks, desk clocks, and alarm clocks, and in all styles.

Angel bookends
Knit pumpkins
Heart-shaped dish

3. Odds and ends

There were still some fall decor, Christmas items, and bags of miscellaneous things like belts or other accessories. There are some items that I couldn’t identify!

Thrifted bicycle sketch
Floral art

4. Frames and pictures

The frames and pictures section is another one I like to frequent because you just never know what you’ll find. I always keep an open mind–color and pictures can be swapped out.

Frames are so expensive to buy new so thrifting what fits your decor is the way to go. It helps to note that each Goodwill is locally managed with different pricing policies.

That’s why you see such a huge fluctuation between what I share and what you see at your store. There are a few Goodwill stores I visit in another town and one has outrageous prices and the other is fairly priced.

Clear storage containers

5. Storage

I was able to find some great clear storage containers that I brought home, cleaned up, and gave to my son and daughter–in–law. You’ll see them in your stores during the winter as everyone is purging and cleaning their homes and donating their old storage items.

Thrifted oil painting

6. Oil painting

I found a great landscape oil painting at Goodwill that I picked up for my husband’s office makeover project.

Pedestal cocktail table

7. Pedestal cocktail table

I also found a cheap pedestal cocktail table for $5 at an estate sale that I put in the office for the makeover–it has a faux leather top and works well as a traditional piece in a transitional space.

Wicker coaster set

8. Wicker coaster set

I saw this little wicker coaster set, it reminded me of a pricier box I saw from Hearth & Hand but this was only $1.99. I snagged it because this is how you can recreate a look on a budget. It wasn’t in perfect condition but the little bit of damage can be hidden.

Pewter tray on the bathroom counter

9. Pewter tray

I saw a good quality pewter tray. I knew it came from the local antique mall and that a booth was probably shutting down and they donated what they didn’t sell. I got it for $3.99. It was dirty and needed a cleaning but I couldn’t pass up the intricate rose design.

After I cleaned it up it looked brand new styled on my bathroom counter with rolled washcloths for an elegant, spa-like look. These are the little touches you can add around your home to make your home look high-end without spending a lot of money.

Vintage wooden bowl with Spanish moss

10. Vintage wooden bowl

This unique vintage bowl was $3.99 and also came from a booth at the antique mall. I’m styling it on my little table in my family room. The book and candlesticks were also thrifted. I put Spanish moss in the bowl to add a touch of spring.

Slim mirror updated with Rub ‘n Buff

11. Mirror

I loved the slim profile of this mirror for $2.99 though it looked a little dated, like from the 1980s or 1990s, and not the look I was going for. But I fixed it with some Rub ‘n Buff. I put a little bit on a gloved finger and rubbed it on the frame after I cleaned it.

Wood candlestick

12. Wood candlestick

This basic wood candlestick has such a nice shape but I may refinish it with paint or stripping it.

Two-toned basket

13. Two-toned basket

This type of basket is very expensive at retail so when I saw this, I was so excited. It’s a little misshapen but when the weather warms up I’ll wet it and reshape it by folding it in on itself.

When you pull it back out it will be the correct and uniform shape. You can also use it as a shorter white basket by folding it in on itself. I can put blankets and throws in this or use it for a faux plant.

Lamp at a thrift store

14. Lamp

I love thrifting lamps and making them over. This one needs a new lampshade and an updated finish.

Pottery dish

15. Pottery dish

I loved this unique signed pottery dish. It’s the perfect color to decorate with in the fall.

Bird dish vignette

16. Bird dish vignette

I thrifted this stool but I stripped it down and restained it. It’s the perfect place to set up my little blue spring bird tray on the stool along with a vase of thrifted faux flowers.

Unidentified thrifted item
Something found at a thrift store

Help us identify this! P.S. It’s not a tissue holder…

Thrifted spring decor ideas

I hope you can see the value in thrifting for one-of-a-kind and special spring decor ideas. If you love a good bargain, the thrill of the hung on a tight budget is so much fun.

By the way–take a look at this item above and tell me in the comments what it is–no one knows what it is at the store but it sure looks unique.

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