How I Find & Style Thrifted Decor Inspired By Restoration Hardware

Liz Besanson
by Liz Besanson

I figured that I would take some time to go through a local antique shop today. I thought it would be really interesting to go into the store with a brand new intention, instead of just finding some really cool things to buy. So today, I will be focusing on finding Restoration Hardware-style pieces. You know, things that most people who follow home interior channels would be interested in. Let's hit the store to see what I can find.

I always love outdoor stuff because everything has weathered wood.

I've really taken to this piece right here. It's a tile that's set in a frame.

After moving inside the antique shop for over an hour, I was pleasantly surprised by what I was able to find. And now that I am back home, let’s go through my haul piece by piece.

I'm going to start with this little guy. I really love him for the fact that he is made of wood, but he's also made of metal. He's also on a wooden base, and I love the size. It's not ginormous, so this will fit beautifully on a bookshelf.

As you can see, Restoration Hardware currently has a metal horse on their website. And the horse I found is an affordable vintage dupe for it.

I had to ask what this next item was. This is a shuttle, and it was for old looms as storage for your weft yarn while you were weaving.  

I'm going to use it as a candle holder. Look how beautiful that is. This is the real McCoy. It is probably from the late 1800s or early 1900s. There's even a patent number on there.

This really cool next piece is an old mold. It has its natural handle, and I guess this was a mold for some kind of industrial business.

Now, Restoration Hardware has tons of these Old World sort of artifacts that sit on the tables on their website.

This is a beautiful piece of real history right here, and it looks great as a decor piece.

The next piece I got was a little bit different. I love that Restoration Hardware sells a lot of different types of beautiful home decor. Not only do they have rustic and older pieces, but they also have beautiful glass and vases. I came across this trio set. These are a smoked glass, and they are irregular shapes as well.

You can see that they're blown glass, and they have a super cool green shade.

Again, keeping with that organic sort of texture Restoration Hardware seems to love and pop into their showrooms, this wooden vase is perfect. The artist's name is on there. It's TR Funk.

This is exceptional. I fell in love with this vase. It was not cheap by any means, even secondhand.

The last item I found is this gorgeous lidded wood box. At first, I thought it was ceramic that was made to look like wood, but the little sticker said, ‘Handmade in India,’ and had giant letters stating that it is real wood. I'm kind of kicking myself now because there was a larger box that matched perfectly, and I didn’t get it.

This would be a cool catch-all where you can put your keys inside. It would also look beautiful on your entryway table with a plant or on top of some books.

Restoration Hardware knock-offs

I thought that all these pieces really lend to that Restoration Hardware aesthetic. I'm in love with all of them if I’m being honest.

Which pieces do you like best and which could you live without? Share your opinion in the comments section that follows.

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