6 Budget-Friendly Home Styling For a Luxe-Looking Space

Liz Besanson
by Liz Besanson

I'm going to share with you six budget-friendly home styling tips to help you create a very high-end, luxe-looking space. Whether you own your home or rent, these tips are for you.

Far too often, we see magazine-worthy designs and attempt to replicate them, but the result may fall short of our expectations. Let's explore why this happens and how you can enhance your home decor affordably.

home styling, How to refresh your couch
How to refresh your couch

1. Recover your couch

Couches can be quite pricey, ranging from $1,500 to nearly $10,000.

New couch covers

If you're on a budget but want to improve your couch's appearance, consider investing in beautiful covers. Explore online stores like Etsy for linen couch covers. There are two options here:

home styling, Adding a new couch cover
Adding a new couch cover
  1. Get a linen cover that matches your couch's size and tuck it in for a classic look.
  2. Invest a bit more (still less than a new couch) to have a custom cover made to fit snugly. A custom-fit cover will cost a few hundred dollars.

Reupholster your couch

You can also reupholster your couch if you're feeling crafty, using fabric from a local store.

If you really want to aim for a budget-friendly option, measure your couch, purchase a generously oversized piece of linen or your favorite fabric, and cover your couch by tucking the fabric into corners, the back, and between pillows.

If you’re very handy and have sewing skills, you can fully reupholster your couch. You’ll need a staple gun and enough fabric to cover your couch pillows, and frame. There are plenty of YouTube videos you can watch to get precise instructions on reupholstering furniture.

home styling, Adding couch accessories
Adding couch accessories

Couch accessories

To elevate your look a bit more, I would add pillows matching your fabric and decor in various sizes and shapes. Pillows will give a couch or chair a finished, polished look.

home styling, Different types of light fixtures
Different types of light fixtures

2. Change up lighting

Outdated lamps and fixtures can make a room look dated. You'd be surprised how easily you can replace a ceiling's flush mount lighting with modern alternatives. Lighting plays a crucial role in design, and budget-friendly options are available at discount stores.

home styling, Upcycling furniture
Upcycling furniture

3. Upcycle furniture

Before buying new furniture, evaluate what you already have. Vintage or family heirloom pieces with good bones can be transformed with a bit of creativity.

I have taken vintage furniture from thrift stores and have made it look like it can be sold at a high-end store for thousands of dollars, and sometimes, all it takes is a good sander and some stain.

Sanding and staining can work wonders, or consider painting for a fresh, modern look. Priming and painting are easier alternatives.

I want you to look at what you currently have. If you have an old coffee table, is the shape cool? Maybe it's just an outdated color. Try sanding it down and putting a fresh coat of stain on it.

home styling, Furniture before the DIY
Furniture before the DIY
home styling, Painting furniture
Painting furniture

Painting furniture

Consider priming and painting the table if staining and sanding are out of your league. I have found that just tweaking can make things look fresh and modern, which you're after.

home styling, Adding wallpaper to a space
Adding wallpaper to a space

4. Use wallpaper

Changing your wall color or texture can have a significant impact. Wallpaper is trending, with options like peel-and-stick varieties for easy installation. You can easily just unravel a large piece of wallpaper and peel the backing right off.

You can transform an entire room with a single color of paint or add some fresh wallpaper. Neutral tones like browns and greens can lend sophistication without going all white. There are many shades of beautiful neutral tones that are subtle and soft.

home styling, Refreshing decor pieces
Refreshing decor pieces

5. Declutter decor

A lot of people are very sentimental when it comes to their home decor. They have keepsakes passed down into the family, and they have heirlooms that are very personal and sentimental to them.

While sentimental items are precious, an abundance of old decor can make your space appear cluttered and outdated. Consider relocating these items and incorporating fresh, modern pieces from thrift stores. It's an affordable way to experiment with new decor styles.

home styling, Creating DIY artwork
Creating DIY artwork

6. Change out artwork

Artwork can be a focal point in your space. You don't have to splurge on expensive pieces.

Try these approaches:

  • Create your artwork on a large, affordable canvas.
  • Repurpose old canvases with a fresh coat of paint.
  • If DIY isn't your thing, check out retailers like Target, Walmart, HomeGoods, or HomeSense for budget-friendly artwork.

I like to go to the thrift store where people have donated their old 1980s canvases and buy those. Sometimes, they're under $10, and once you take home, put a fresh coat of white paint over them, and use your imagination, you end up with gorgeous artwork.

Home styling tips

I hope these home styling tips were helpful to you. What are your plans for your home style? Share your ideas in the comments below.

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