How to Style Easter & Spring Decor Ideas With Thrifted Items

Spring is almost here. When those new leaves start coming out each year, you want to start decorating right away because spring always feels like a fresh new start.

Of course, you know it's not the right time for you to spend a ton of money on decorations, so we're going to talk about how to take what you already have at home and add a few items from a spring thrift haul to get your house ready for the upcoming season.

Using indoor plants for spring decor

1. Indoor plants

If you have some sort of inside plant that kind of lays a little bit flat like this, then you can go to Target or Dollar Tree and pick up some Easter or spring type of merchandise that you can add to what you decorate with year-round and make it ready for spring.

Indoor plants are versatile for any holiday that comes along after Easter too, like a birthday, Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, or St. Patrick's Day.

Arranging plastic Easter eggs

2. Plastic Easter eggs

I'm going to take this little planter that I have right here and then add Easter eggs. I'm really big into eggs this year because they are compact and fit in a one-gallon Ziploc bag, which I find to be very appealing when it comes to small holiday decor. I like to minimize expenditures and the amount of space it takes up in our closets.

Easter vignette

I also planted this little guy as well. I am creating a little vignette here with our tiny Easter eggs with various colors and an odd number of eggs.

Easter egg wreath

3. Holiday wreath

I got this pretty holiday wreath from a thrift store. Make sure that you are always shopping off-holiday because that is when you can find the best deals. I am probably going to use it as a table centerpiece by laying it flat against the table.

You should also think about DIY projects when you find something like this. If it was missing a few eggs, then we could pull all of the eggs off and use those for a new project instead and not even have to buy new eggs.

Just think of how many decorations you could make with this many eggs! So start to think outside the box with what you can do with your holiday decor and change what you already have by adding a few small elements to make it feel like a holiday decoration.

4. Wood Easter eggs

These eggs are wood with splatter paint. They came from Target and they were really inexpensive and affordable.

Wood Easter eggs
Bunny salt and pepper shakers as mini planters

5. Holiday salt and pepper shakers

These two little bunnies are actually salt and pepper shakers, which I thought were so cute, but then I thought let's make them into bud vases. I filled the bottoms up with water and then added these little small spring sprigs to the front. We've got little violas, we've got little pink lantana, some Texas sage, and some boxwood.

Bunny dish

6. Bunny dish

I also found this little bunny ear dish at Target in the Dollar Spot. You can use it as a ring holder if you want, but I just popped a little fern in there.

Spring thrift haul

There is nothing like a spring thrift haul to get you ready for the season. Stretch your dollars even further with the spring decor ideas I have shared with you today.

Which spring and Easter decor items are your favorites? Let me know in the comments down below.

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  • Jean5504 Jean5504 on Feb 13, 2024
    I kind of wish you had taken a picture of each of the things that you made. I had a hard time distinguishing which was which decoration. They are all darling.
  • Faye Faye on Mar 30, 2024
    Your display is pretty, but it was more for Easter than Spring. I do many things for Easter, but after Easter, I put them away, then what? All the eggs go away and the rabbit dish. Sure, there are baby rabbits in spring, but I usually go right into summer with my decor.