Thrifted & Vintage Christmas Decor Ideas & How to Style Them

I wanted to start my Christmas season with something I love sharing: thrifted Christmas decor. Over the years, I've found some fantastic pieces to incorporate into my home during the Christmas season.

I want to show you everything I have found from this year and years past that I cannot wait to incorporate into my home this season.

Picture frames

We'll start with these beautiful brass picture frames that I found. I love the detail on top of these. I got some prints on Etsy in PDF form and just printed those to place inside the frame.

Thrifted Christmas art

You can do this with any season, but I love the little detail on the top of this one, and I just ended up putting this beautiful print in there.

I have another frame as well. This one is a little more gold, but I think it is stunning, and I love the picture inside. I think this winter landscape with the reindeer is beautiful. Then I have one more, which is a Christmas tree. All of these came from the thrift store for a dollar. Simple touches like this are key to incorporating different elements into your home with different textures and colors.

Brass accent pieces

Brass accent pieces

Another one of my favorite finds came from a vintage market. This little brass horn is so cute.

I find these at vintage markets frequently. This is a Christmas staple, in my opinion, and that you can style with any home decor style.

Thrifted candlesticks

I also have some candlesticks.

Cranberry-colored candles

I found these a week or two ago at the thrift store where I work, and they have cranberry-colored candles.

This twisted candle look is very popular, but I bought them for the color. It's just a bonus that they have a little bit of texture to them. I love brass, and I think the rich cranberry color and the brass candlesticks are stunning. Check your thrift stores to see different candles that you may stumble across.

You can look for brass candlesticks while thrifting, and you also need to watch for some battery-operated candles. These will go in the candlesticks perfectly. I love them, and the glow here is beautiful. I found ten of them for about a dollar each a couple of years ago.

Battery-operated candle in a candlestick

The combo here of the battery-operated candle and the candlesticks are just beautiful.

I love to keep them on my fireplace mantle and style them on my dining room table, on a centerpiece coffee table, and on my buffet. With the candles at night during Christmas time, it's just beautiful.

Thrifted Christmas trees

Thrifted Christmas trees

I love looking for little Christmas trees and other things I typically can't find in a store. A few years ago, I was working at the local thrift store and came across a little Christmas tree. Something about this one was just unique to me. It was three or four dollars, and I think it is so cute. This is a great piece to pop on your kitchen counter next to your sink, bathroom, coffee table, or fireplace mantel. It's the perfect size.

Keep an eye out for those unique Christmas trees that you might not be able to find in a traditional store.

Wood pipes for Christmas decor

Wood pipes

One of my all-time favorite finds for Christmas is these wooden pipes. My mother-in-law found these, and I thought they would be so cute for Christmas. I got these from her for five dollars for the set of three. If you were at a thrift or antique store, I think pipes are beautiful and unique finds to incorporate into Christmas decor.

Pipe in a brass bowl

I have styled these on a little brass-like bowl that I also thrifted and put a wreath underneath it.

Santa mug

Santa mug

Moving along, the next thing that I found this year was a cute little Santa mug. I know the Santa mugs are very popular, but I've never seen one like this. It was only a dollar, so even better. Keep an eye out for some unique, cute Christmas mugs. I feel like every single Christmas when I'm in the thrift store. I can find so many unique items that I've never seen before, so mugs are always fun.

Jingle bells in a bowl

Bells vignette

Next up, I have a little container here filled with bells. I know you can purchase these bells at Hobby Lobby, but I found a bunch of them last year at my local thrift store for a dollar for the container. I have them in this little bowl right now as a bowl filler, and you can set them anywhere. I plan on putting this particular setup next to our couch in our living room, styled in a little vignette.

Vintage Christmas decor

Next up is an old-fashioned candle holder.

It reminds me of the Christmas Carol movie when Scrooge walks through his home through the hallways. It adds a nostalgic Christmas touch, in my opinion. Also, those pipes, too. This is super pretty to style on a book stack

Thrifted candelabra

Another candle holder I love is this candelabra that I found at a vintage market.

This also screams Christmas to me. I was able to score two of these for 35 bucks, and this is heavy brass, so it's a thrifting bargain.

Thrifted basket

Tree collars

Another thing I wanted to mention is tree collars. If you want to save some money, you can create your own. What I mean by creating your own is finding little things to put around your Christmas tree. I've done throw blankets and fluffed it out with knitted throw blankets.

I found a large rectangular basket from a local antique store in my area a few years ago.

Using a thrifted basket as a Christmas tree base

It was only seven dollars, and to my surprise, our tree fit in it perfectly.

One of my favorite thrift finds was a glass light shade that had wood on it. I stuck a Christmas tree in it, perfect for a mini tree collar. It was stunning.

Vintage Christmas decor

You can get creative with thrift Christmas decor in many different ways. You can decorate your home for Christmas on a budget and have your unique spin on it. What thrifted items do you decorate with? Share your finds in the comments below.

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