Spring Decor Tour: Styling Thrifted Items For the Season

Today I’ll take you on a spring home decor tour of my home. My spring decor this season is very subtle and created from mostly thrifted items. Let’s go so you can get some great spring decor ideas!

Color palette

I decorate with a lot of earth-tone palettes so you’ll notice I have a lot of blues, greens, clay, and neutrals in general. I love mixing and matching those colors to make my home cozy and relaxing for me and my family.

Thrifted chair

I love the thrifted tufted chair I found at a local antique store for $27! It was quite the steal.


A lot of the greenery for spring that I used is also thrifted, such as the faux fern. The greenery in the large vase on the console table is also thrifted. Some of the stems came from Walmart but the majority of the stems you see in my home are thrifted items.

DIY project

We love doing DIY projects in our home and one is the brick fireplace my husband built from scratch and another one is the DIY accent wall with a bench and hooks.

Dining room

I kept the neutral palette here but I do love using darker items in here, too.

I have a thrifted hutch I refinished in a darker color. I found the hutch on Facebook Marketplace for $60 and it’s filled with thrifted pieces.

I also put in a thrifted rocking and swiveling upholstered chair in my dining room that I found for $45.

My favorite piece for spring is the basket filled with florals–all thrifted items found in the last year.


I decorated the kitchen in a very practical way. I gave the space a refresh by incorporating new thrifted bowls filled with fruits, plus a thrifted wicker tray. I just used simple little touches here and there.

Thrifted secretary

I found this for $125 on Facebook Marketplace and it’s such a pretty statement.

Spring decor tour

I like to decorate with a “less is more” point of view so I don’t go overboard. But I enjoy adding those small touches each season. Many of these pieces and ideas can be used year-round in your home.

I hope this spring home tour gave you some inspiration for your own spring decorations. Let me know in the comments below if you love to thrift and what amazing finds you’ve come across.

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