How to Sell Your Home Fast: Extreme Design Makeover Example

Do you want to know how to sell your home fast? I have home design makeover tricks to help you do just that!

The real estate market in the Bay area is unreal so we had to do some work to get this 1,240 square foot single-family home with three bedrooms and two baths ready to sell.

It had a great floorplan but it was unoccupied for three years. It needed a facelift and guess what, after the transformation and staging, it sold fast!


We painted, removed the carpet, and brightened it up… but that was just the beginning. We were going to aim for a clean, seamless, move-in-ready look. Let’s see the transformation!

1. The living room

We painted the fireplace to freshen it up with a color that wasn’t too gray and it wasn’t beige. New floors, baseboards, and light fixtures also went in. We brought in updated furniture to finish the space.

2. Dining room

The dining room could have accommodated a large table but you always want to show more space. That’s why we placed a smaller table in the space than before. We also took out the huge buffet.

When we told the clients there would be white walls in the dining room, they thought it would be boring but it looks great. People get so nervous about white but there’s no need. The white walls and furniture complement each other. White is a great blank canvas to show buyers what’s possible and it makes the home super clean and fresh.

The chandelier is current–it has to be–it is the first thing people see when they enter a room.

3. The kitchen

The kitchen was transformed and it was as easy as painting the cabinets and putting in new hardware. We added new light fixtures and stainless appliances. It’s fresh, clean, and updated. Buyers want something turnkey–ready to move in. Painted cabinets make the house feel newer.

4. Bedroom number 1

AfterThis is staged as a home office since everyone works at home.

5. Bedroom number 2

It’s a classic bedroom refresh with new flooring and light fixtures, and we’re good to go. I put in a full-sized bed and a desk to showcase the space.

6. Bathroom

7. Master bedroom

The closet doors were all removed and packed full of things.

We took out the carpet, put in new floors, new baseboards, light fixtures, and painted.

8. Master bathroom

Everyone wants a bigger master bedroom and a more spacious master bathroom. The bathroom was very cluttered. Plus there was a kitty litter box in there plus storage.

We cleaned it up and painted plus put in new light fixtures. It’s now a light and bright bathroom. We painted the walls and ceiling white to brighten it up and now it looks larger. There was no complicated process of trying to find a different color for every room. One color, one sheen works beautifully throughout the house.

How to sell your home fast

The sellers were pleased, the buyers know that the house is move-in ready so the ROI (return on investment) is 100 percent.

There are three takeaways for sellers.

  • Have the home vacant so it’s accessible for anyone to come to see the house at any time.
  • Make it turnkey for the buyers.
  • And have it staged–which is very critical.

Even though stagers recommend new flooring, new lights, painting, and hardware, and it all starts to add up, there’s always a great ROI, and the buyers are happy because it’s turnkey. That’s how you sell a home fast! Let us know what you think in the comments!

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