Extreme Closet Makeover: New Design & Organization

Our bedroom closet served its purpose for a while, but over the years, it has taken a beating between my husband and myself and needs a closet makeover. The corner area eats up a ton of space, and the finish on the drawers and the unit itself didn't hold up.

We found ourselves putting items on top of the unit, which, besides being cluttered, would cause us to forget what items we would have up there. Our new unit will go straight to the top, maximizing the space.

Closet before

We had the closet painted bright white and recessed lighting installed, which helped brighten the space. Our bathroom is right off our master, which has cold porcelain tile. We wanted carpets on our feet while getting ready here, so we added that also.

Closet Tour

This is towards the final stage of the closet being finished. It was more than what I expected it to be. We can now control our clutter and get the space neat and organized, and I love that we have workable sections for both of us. We have double hanging space and extra storage, and I had crown molding to give it that authentic custom look.

We both got floor-to-ceiling shoe storage. The shelving is slanted on an angle to help maximize your space, and you can see your shoes better. Plus, it helps keep them from sliding away.

We chose to replace our old slider doors with custom French doors.

Our closet is off our master bedroom, yet it's still in the same room. I wanted the two spaces to be separated and have the same feel of being connected.


I've always used velvet hangers. They are great for not having items slipping off.

I purchased two boxes of these hangers in this cream color, and you can get them from Target.

Clothing straps are more secure and not bulky like wood or plastic hangers.

It was important to me to have small cubbies for specific items that meet my husband's needs.

He has shirt boxes, and they're where I keep brand-new shirts.

There's a little window to see what's inside, and they fold down for easy access. I like to keep clean shirts on hand for him at any time, and I love that they're clear and help to keep the dust out.

Smaller bins are another solution for keeping extra dress socks and bow ties.

My husband loves his hats and caps, so I've displayed his dressier hats in a little nook with hooks that have adhesives on the back, and I love that I'm not leaving holes in the wall. Coat hangers are used for hubby's blazers. I've downsized this area for hubby's blazers and suits again, only using what he needs.

I'm organizing my husband's shoes on top of the closet.

It made a huge difference by taking the storage to the top. It also gives it a cleaner, sleeker look.

He has a cubby space for his dressier belts, again showcasing his style, and it's easy for him to access. You can hang, roll, and mount them on the wall as long as they're organized.

In case you are wondering what I used to set up his belts and wallets, this acrylic belt display stand has a practical, clean design and is very affordable.

Shelving displays

We have our shelving for displaying our accessories, and we have plenty of drawer space. We don't have dressers in our bedroom, which is fine because our closet is right off the bath, which makes it simple to get ready.

When styling the shelves, I wanted a boutique look and feel by displaying items together on the same shelf, and I've used golden glass storage boxes for that luxe look. Items he doesn't use often are on the top shelf, and the next shelf has his collection of glasses on this rack from Amazon.

It holds up to five pairs of sunglasses, and the small tray at the bottom is excellent for storing your keys or loose change.

This other little stand has his favorite hat, glass boxes for his jewelry, and some of his colognes, which are corralled inside this tray I already had.

My side of the closet

I love that my clothes have room to breathe using slim hangers. This is key, and how you hang them makes a huge difference. Pants are hung on the back side of the wall. It looks neater that way, and keeping them color-coded makes it very quick to find what you need. The same goes for my blouses, keeping them color-coded from light to dark.

At the very top of the closet, we have cubby holes for extra storage.

I've stored my weekend tote bag and my packing cubes. Inside the smaller ones, I've stored travel essentials and extras.

Extra storage

I have his packing cubes and vintage travel tie case inside my husband's. Inside the larger one, extra belts are stored inside the smaller box. His everyday belt is out, and his designer belts are displayed on his shoe rack.

The lidded storage bins are perfect for storing my seasonal sandals, but you can also use them in your bathroom to store toilet paper and medicines.

They are stackable, plus they come in other colors. They are stored on the shelf below my blouses. I can also use them to keep my seasonal sweaters neatly organized.

I came across these glass boxes ideal for displaying souvenirs, but I think they are perfect for displaying my evening purses.

You must admit these are too pretty to be inside a box, a drawer, or a cabinet.

I purged and donated a ton of my shoes.

On the tower are my dresses and long jackets, and below is where I keep my boots and inside these containers that have holes in them to keep the air circulated and lids to keep the dust out.

My favorite summer purses are here, and I'm displaying my favorite perfumes on a tray.

I have acrylic shoe display stands from Amazon, and I love how they give you the look of a high-end boutique.

So, I'm a girl who loves her jewelry, and I chose these affordable jewelry organizing trays that I got from Amazon.

Closet makeover

I hope you got some good ideas from our closet makeover to organize your closet, especially if you are sharing a closet with your partner. Do you have a closet system? Share what you use to keep your closet organized in the comments below.

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