How to Create a Simple & Elegant Easter Tablescape


I will show you how to assemble a simple yet elegant Easter tablescape. Many of the items I'll be using for today's tablescape were acquired from Pier One Imports back when Pier One was open. You can find similar items at your favorite home decor stores.

Table ready to be decorated

The foundation

Tree branch and grass placemats

I'll start with my tree branch and grass placemats.

White chargers on top of the placemats

I’ll place white chargers on top.

Blue and white checkered dinner plates
Stacked plates with a bunny plate

Next, I will use my blue and white checkered dinner plates.

So, all these items came from Pier One, along with my bunny salad plates which go on top of the checked dinner plates.

When I think about Easter, I think of a playful yet elegant tablescape.

Linens and placeholders

Napkin with cutlery

For napkins, keeping it simple and classic, I will be using a white linen napkin along with some pewter flatware.

Easter egg place card holder

On the upper left of the plates, I have a decorative egg holder from Hobby Lobby and an egg-shaped place card holder.

The egg holder was a candle holder, but I removed it and used it to hold the egg-shaped place card holder inside the holder. I think personalization adds a cozy feel to the tablescape. I love personalization, so when everybody sits down, everyone knows where everyone will be sitting.

Glassware and candleholders

Adding simple glassware

Now, for glassware, I am using some simple, classic, clear crystal-cut glassware along with my egg-shaped coasters placed on the right side of the place setting.

Adding candleholders to the tablescape

Next, I'm adding some candle holders.

I love that these candle holders have a wooden distressed look because they can go with anything. The one is gray and white, and the other is plain wooden white, and it's also distressed when you look closely.

Pink tulips in a vase


Now, I have some pink tulips in a clear vase. I used tulips here because they symbolize Easter and springtime to me, and I think the pink is very, very pretty, and it's also very classy and chic.

Setting additional place settings

So, now that I have my first place setting done, I will work on completing the rest of the table.

Adding the other place settings

Repeat the process

As you can see here, I'm following the same process I did on the other side by adding tulips to the ending of the centerpiece, and then I will add two more candle holders, the distressed candle holders, right next to my white vase.

Always remember that lighting is essential, so you can never have too many candles on your tablescape as long as they are placed right.

Easter wreath on the back of the chairs

Here, we will complete the look by adding an Easter wreath to the back of your chairs.

Now, this kicks your tablescape up a notch. Whenever your guests walk in and see something hanging from the chair, it ties into the theme and will elevate your tablescape.

Now, we will light our candles, and then your tablescape will be complete.

Cute Easter tablescape for spring

I am showing you some angles of the table, but I kept it very simple this year.

The pink and white tulips gave this table the extra pop it needed. By using just a few Easter elements, not overdoing them, and keeping them very classy, elegant, and playful, I created a beautiful Easter tablescape.

Easter tablescape

When someone walks up to the table, they can see that this is an Easter-inspired tablescape.

Easter brunch nook with bunny pancakes

I also have an Easter brunch section.

I always like to have something in my nook, so I found this cute bunny pancake pan at Ross. I have to whip something up with it. So here I have some bunny pancakes, some fruit, and just an extra nook where your guests can come over and head to the Easter tablescape for brunch.

Easter tablescape

What will you be using to decorate your Easter tablescape? Will you be serving Easter brunch or dinner? Share your plans and ideas in the comments below.

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