IKEA Home Decor: Budget-Friendly Everyday Must-Haves

I'm excited to take you on a little "field trip" to IKEA today. We’ll check out what's new in IKEA home decor for spring and summer, as well as several of my favorite everyday must-haves. I would say that 95 percent of my furniture is from IKEA. If you love IKEA as much as I do, you’ll love what I have to show you. Let’s get started.

IKEA vignettes

This IKEA in Northern Virginia is 325,000 square feet of lots of room sets offering you tons of ideas and inspiration.

They even created the look of a small condo just to give you an idea of how inviting and functional it can be with IKEA pieces.

Here’s a basement vignette where they use Billy bookcases (my favorite of all time).

Here’s another cozy, inviting room with a half-red wall and layered rugs.

Here’s an outdoor vignette to show you how to upgrade your patio or deck, plus the store’s famous wood decking.

Check out this room with a relaxed coastal vibe. They even used an indoor/outdoor rug in the room and it looks like seagrass.


In the middle of the room sets are pieces of furniture. Here are sofas. Here’s the deal at IKEA. When you buy a sofa, chair, or loveseat, you buy the frame, then you purchase the cover separately.

Upland is one of my new favorite pieces of furniture. It’s the newer version of the Ektorp, which is what I have all over my home. It’s all super comfortable and at a great price point.

Look at this sleek chaise design.

For larger rooms, here’s the Kivik sectional.


I love the design and color of this wingback chair.

They have a great selection of rattan chairs.

Coffee tables

The styles and price points can’t be beat.


Here’s Billy in blue. They are so versatile with half glass, half wood doors, or open, or all glass. There are corner Billy cases, too.

There are some other handsome pieces and combinations.

You can interchange the pieces, too.


You can recreate any of these kitchen vignettes.

Here’s a great space-saving wall rack.

Here’s one of my favorites–I love how the glass-front cabinets are lit up.

Kitchen design center

They have a design center where you can pick out every single element of your kitchen design, all of which are budget-friendly.

Look at this butcher block material. They sell pre-cut pieces that can go right on top of your island.

They have several different cabinet and drawer fronts to choose from as well as hardware.

They have a nice collection of kitchen sinks and faucets.

And they have everything down to drawer and cabinet organizers.

The rail system is another must-have in a kitchen. This is a great space saver for your kitchen. We have them on both sides of our island. They come in chrome, gold, and black.

You can also build an island. Here’s my favorite.

Storage carts

You can’t have a kitchen, garden shed, or craft room without one of these multipurpose carts.

Dining tables and chairs

From dining tables to pub tables, you’ll find all sizes, shapes, and finishes.

Here are a few of my favorite dining chairs, island chairs, and a few to float around the home.

Bedroom vignettes

From light and airy to moody and darker looks.

You’ll find everything, even beds with storage underneath.

Here are beds freestanding so you can walk around them.


We have quite a few in our home.

Storage wardrobes

The possibilities are endless.

The PAX wardrobe system has been around for a long time.

The Market

Here’s where you find all the products that you saw in the vignettes. Pronouncing the items can be difficult.

Dinnerware is one of my IKEA must-haves. There are even plates that are durable and remind me of Corelle.  

They carry plain to patterned dishware.

Limited summer collection

These items are happy and vibrant in greens, oranges, and yellows.


Stock up your bar here with pitchers, coordinating napkins, and more.

Bedding and duvets

Some of the sets are perfect for college-bound kids.

Look at all these pretty duvets. I have one of these in my bedroom.

Here’s a must-have–one of their down comforters.

Pillow covers

This is one of my favorite areas. They have quite a few to choose from. They have beautiful white, beige, and seasonal pillow covers.

Window coverings and curtains

We have the LENDA curtains. They don’t make our white ones anymore, unfortunately. But there are plenty of others to choose from.


IKEA has quite a few to choose from–they are super comfortable and reasonably priced.


They carry those that are full of color…

To those that are more neutral.

And here are some of their best-selling jute rugs.


They have traditional lighting and some of the most unique and fun pendant lamp shades.


They have great choices in all sizes at ideal price points.

Another must-have is IKEA frames.

Faux greenery

This is a must-have. Grab a couple of eucalyptus stems and small pots.

Outdoor furniture

On the way to the registers, you’ll find their outdoor furniture–it’s all so comfortable and inviting.

As-is area

The as-is section is where you find gently used items, returns, and other reduced-price items. You can find some great deals if you have the patience to dig through everything.

IKEA home decor

When you check out, grab some of their meatballs and cinnamon buns. What do you think? Do you love IKEA? Let me know in the comments if you are a fan of IKEA home decor. I’d love to know your thoughts.

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