Home Staging Before and After: How to Spot Potential

This house has so much potential. It'll be a sweet home for any prospective homeowners who choose to purchase it after we work our magic.

Today we're going to show you everything behind the scenes in the home staging before and after process as well as the numbers because that's what you want to see. You want to know the reality of it and why we put in all the hard work and effort that we do. Ready to see all the home staging ideas we came up with?

No more trash cans. We turned this forgotten area into usable space.

Look how beautiful this patio area is now. You can spend a lot of summer nights sitting out here.

You know, the biggest change was painting the wall and chimney.

It made a huge difference to this outdoor space.

This room has totally been transformed. The place was really nice in terms of its structure, so it had a lot of potential.

It looks way different and is gorgeous now. I think a fresh coat of paint and was the magic.

The kitchen itself was already remodeled, and the rest of the house was not. Our goal was to make sure that we tied in the unfinished areas with the kitchen to create a sense of flow throughout the entire house.

This kitchen is amazing. Everything is perfectly dialed in. We kept some of the original light fixtures, but we modified others. I think the main thing here was cleaning it up and giving it a new coat of paint. I know we added some grout, caulking, and other things to kind of tidy it up, but otherwise, it was not too big of a job because the kitchen was already pretty awesome.

We really liked the light that was in here previously, but the sellers wanted to take it with them.

Here is the new light that replaced it.

There used to be a giant wall of cabinets in the family room, which encroached the entire space.

So removing about two feet worth of furniture or more really made the space look bigger.

This room was very dark and felt like a cave.

It looks much more airy now.

This bedroom once had a projector hanging from the ceiling.

Now it's a bonafide bedroom.

So let's check out the master bedroom again. This is the master. It's nice and spacious. I love the vaulted ceiling.

So what did we do here? We changed out the ceiling fan and gave it a fresh coat of paint. We also fixed some cracks and did some work in the bathroom.

In the bathroom, we added some handle poles, we replaced the shower glass surround, replaced the old vanity lights with some modern lights, replaced the toilet, and put up some new towel bars.

It came out great.

This bedroom had a broken door frame and outdated lighting.

We polished it up and now it's an inviting bedroom.

Here is another bedroom that needed a fresh start.

The lighter paint and twin beds made a world of difference.

The outdoor patio space once had a pergola pole right outside the slider, which was a huge hazard, too many garden spaces, and old shed doors that were barely hanging on.

Now, the space has been cleaned and entirely renovated to create a cozy and calm atmosphere.

Home staging numbers

The expectation for the market at the time without doing any updates was about 1.1 million dollars. After making the updates, our estimated market value was closer to about 1.2 million dollars. And in this case, we had some awesome clients that definitely trusted us and trusted the process.

The concrete work came out to be about $7,000. Exterior paint repairs came out to be about $8,000. Interior paint and drywall repairs were a big ticket item that came out to be about $10,000. Interior lights came out to be about $3,000.

There was also a lot of wear and tear in this home, so miscellaneous repairs were a little higher too. They came out close to $7,000.

Then we had to add some closets, resize a closet, and move around some other things within the house, which came out to be about $7,000.

Landscaping came out to be $3,500. So all in all, the total project cost came out to be nearly $40,000.

The results were phenomenal. We were on the market for one week, and we ended up with twenty-five offers. We ended up higher than what our updated market value estimate was, which means the initial investment of $40,000 equaled $160,000 in return on investment, which was a 400% return.

Home staging process

So how long does this project normally take from the day you get the listing to when it's ready to go on the market? The planning phase usually takes about a week. The planning phase is the home evaluation process. The execution always ends up taking a little bit longer. Maybe we get it done in about three weeks or so, being highly optimistic. Well, this one took closer to six weeks.

For any home, whether it's occupied or vacant, tip number one is decluttering. Tip number two is neutralizing. Tip number three is light fixtures. Lighting changes the entire feeling of the interior so swap them out.

When in doubt, call a really good home stager or interior designer, have the conversation, have them come over to make suggestions, and work with them to make sure that the final product comes out looking as good as it can.

Home staging before and after

Home staging is always a fun task and this home staging before and after example is one of our favorites. The beauty is that anyone can do this at home using the tips we shared with you today.

What space would you like to reinvent in your home? Share your future plans in the comments section.

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  • Susan Hughes Susan Hughes on Apr 01, 2024
    Fabulous work, but really need before & after views from same angle.
  • Valerie Abate Valerie Abate on Apr 20, 2024
    Amazing transformation! I always wondered, are the furnishings rented by the stagers or do they own a warehouse of prop furniture?