Home Staging Before & After: How to Decorate a Home to Sell

Today, I'm showing you a home staging before and after. I'm going to show you around a home before I stage it to point out what needs to be changed.

After staging, I'll show you what it looks like so you can see the impact a few updates can make.

Home entryway
Living space before

Lighting and walls

Through the eyes of a designer, the lighting needs to be changed. I see dated lights.

So, the chalk paint is okay. It looks like there's some red paint behind it. So let's make this move-in ready for people.

We tagged all the walls with painter's tape so the painters would know which walls needed to be painted. The current wall paint didn't have a double coat of paint so you can see the old paint underneath.

It's hard to see from afar, but when you look closely, you can see those details. It's suitable from afar, but it's far from good. It is close, but it will need to be painted.

Living space after

We brightened up the space with lighter furniture, a couple of fresh coats of paint, and carefully curated accessories.

Dining area after

Adding a dining table and chairs makes the area look larger and shows off the functionality of the previously empty space. We continue to use matching paint on the walls for continuity.

Home entryway after

We tied the paint color of the breakfast bar in with the living area to continue the cohesiveness in the open floor plan.

The kitchen has brand-new countertops and sparkly countertops. This is an upgrade. They've had these done. So, it has a nice, spacious kitchen where two people can easily fit, work, and not crowd each other.

Guest bedroom before

Guest bedroom

This is the second bedroom. It needs a full bed and a desk. The bathroom over here needs a new tension rod and curtain. We will be changing that right there. I'm going to add a dining room table and chairs over here and a console table over there. We'll make this baby shine.

This second, very spacious, big bedroom also overlooks beautiful Milpitas and has a lot of natural light. You've got another walk-in closet, so as you can see, this two-bedroom has a lot of space.

It's a spacious two-bedroom in the heart of Milpitas, right across the street from Great Mall. I would love to live here. This can be used as a guest bedroom, a kid's bedroom, or whatever you want to use it for.

Guest bedroom after

We've added a light and airy feel to the bedroom by painting it a much lighter wall color, dispensing with the dark accent wall.

Master bedroom before

Master bedroom

This is a very spacious two-bedroom unit at 600 South Abel, right across the Great Mall, which is a great location. We've got this big, big master bedroom right in here. It is very spacious, as you can see.

Master bedroom after

Updating the paint to brighten the bedroom while adding clean lines via the furniture and its placement makes the room look fresh and modern.

Bathroom before


We've got a fantastic open-plan bathroom.

As you can see, you've got the dual sink on the vanity. You've got a nice jacuzzi tub, and we've got an oversized stand-in shower and a nice walk-in closet. No room is complete without a walk-in closet.

Bathroom after

The bathroom didn't need a lot of work. We added brighter lighting and a few well-placed accessories to add character to the space.

Patio space

As you get up, you get ready to come out into this big, spacious living room that looks over beautiful Milpitas.

If you were having a party, you could go out right onto the patio, giving you more living space. We placed a cozy seating arrangement here to showcase this wonderful added living area.

Laundry area

So you've got the washer and dryer in a nice little laundry area tucked away. You can't see it, so it's a perfect kind of little nook for that, and we're going into the second bathroom with a nice tub, lovely sink, and a vanity

Home staging before and after

What do you think of our home staging before and after? What would you change? Leave your thoughts and ideas in the comments below.

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