Clever Pool Float Storage Solutions for Uninterrupted Summer Fun

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By Amy Poulton

Summer is synonymous with sunshine, splashing, and pool floats! But when the fun comes to an end, where do those giant inflatables go? Here are some creative and practical pool float storage ideas to keep your backyard oasis organized and clutter-free.

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Float Away with Hanging Solutions:

  • Deck It Out: Utilize your deck space! Install sturdy hooks or a PVC pipe hanging system on your deck walls or railings. This is a great way to store pool noodles, inflatables with deflatable backs, or ride-on floats.

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  • Garage Ceiling Savior: Free up valuable floor space in your garage by installing a hanging storage system from the ceiling. This is perfect for larger inflatables like rafts or loungers. Use sturdy S-hooks or carabiners to attach the floats.

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Corral the Floats with Containment Options:

  • Inflatable Float Bin Bonanza: Invest in a large inflatable storage bin specifically designed for pool floats. These bins are often made from durable vinyl and come in various sizes. They're perfect for storing multiple floats and can even deflate and fold flat when not in use.

Modern Blue Pool Storage Bin - XX-Large | Nylon Mesh Basket Organizer

  • Repurposed Laundry Basket Magic: Don't have the budget for a dedicated float bin? Repurpose a large laundry basket! Choose a breathable mesh basket to prevent moisture build-up and mildew.

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  • Tote Them Away: Large tote bags are another affordable option. Choose a heavy-duty bag with sturdy handles to easily transport and store your floats.

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Creative and Space-Saving Hacks:

  • Deck Box Disguise: Invest in a stylish deck box that doubles as storage for your pool floats. Choose a weatherproof deck box to keep your floats protected from the elements.

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  • Vertical Pool Noodle Power: For pool noodles, free up floor space by utilizing a vertical storage solution. Attach tension rods or PVC pipes to a wall and create compartments for each noodle.

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  • Corner Creativity: Don't waste those unused corners! Install sturdy shelves in a corner of your garage or shed specifically for pool float storage. This is a great way to maximize unused space.

Bonus Tip: Deflate your floats whenever possible before storing them. This reduces their footprint and helps to prevent them from losing their shape over time.

By implementing these pool float storage solutions, you can ensure your summer essentials are always organized and ready for your next poolside adventure. So, soak up the sun, have some fun, and rest assured knowing your pool floats have a designated spot to call home!

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