Take a Tour of This London Flat's Cute & Quirky Design

Gia Lulic
by Gia Lulic

My best friend’s apartment in West London has a very quirky design. Everything Andrea owns is a testament to her unique lifestyle and lively personality. I had so much fun finding out how she has brought it all together in this color-filled London flat that is her home.

Let me take you on a tour of her flat and she will tell you in her own words how she created this haven that is full of her own quirks.

West London apartment
Quirky decor and design

The main things Andrea went for were comfort, coziness, and just hominess. She didn’t really have much of a plan but I’ll let her tell you in her own words:

Large comfy sofa
Coffee table with a geometric rug

1. The sofa

The room itself is a really awkward shape and size. My main thing was the couch. It’s quite big and cuddly and I wanted to fit it in.

City of London artwork
Dream catcher hung up on the wall

2. The artwork

I picked up a piece by a local artist one day when I was walking through Notting Hill.

I hung up a dream catcher that I picked up when we were in Spain. I purchased that instead of other souvenir-type things that are nonsense. But it reminds me of the fun that we had.

Gallery wall
I have a gallery wall that showcases my prized possessions, in human form. Everyone that’s really dear to me and that I love and little bits of memories, are all hung here. Every time look at the wall, it makes me smile.

Frame with "I am enough"
Hanging shelves with decor
Frame with an inspirational quote
I have little messages to myself all over the house, like “I am enough.” I think it’s important to have those little affirmations where you can see them all the time. We’re never really in the present so we need these reminders.

Pineapple lamp

3. Memory makers

I love having things in my home that have some sort of memory behind them. A good friend of mine made me this pineapple lamp.

Chest of drawers
The only exception is this chest of drawers from an ex of mine. It was just too good to pass on. But when I look at this bureau I don’t really think of that person. I just think how nice it looks in the space. He left me with something nice is how I like to look at it.

Large mirror with a plant

4. Mirror

This massive mirror is gorgeous. I found it on the side of the street one day when I was walking. I grabbed and I couldn’t believe someone was throwing it away.

TV and bookshelf nook
TV and bookshelf
Crystal nook

5. A little nook

This is my happy corner filled with little bits and pieces of things that make me happy like my recipes and self-help books, trinkets, and crystals.

House plant in a corner

6. Plants

I pick plants that thrive on neglect. Even in a small space, that little bit of greenery gives the place a little more life.

Bed by the window with layered pillows
Hanging shelves
Abstract art frame
Elephant print frame

7. Bedroom

In this small space, I could not have bedside tables so I hung a shelf next to my bed. It also keeps me from piling things on the shelves. I have some amazing artwork that was gifted to me in the room, too.

Globe lampshade

8. Lampshades

These globe shades give the apartment so much character. I have one in the main room and one in the bedroom.

London flat with a quirky design

I hope you enjoyed this tour of Andrea’s London flat and her quirky touches. Anyone could walk into her apartment without knowing her and get a really good sense of her personality.

She doesn’t take herself too seriously but she takes a lot of pride in where she lives. Let us know what you think about this wonderful apartment in the comments section!

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  • Elizabeth Haire Elizabeth Haire on Feb 21, 2024
    Super space. I have been an Anglophile for most of my "borned days" and as a long-time Teacher of English I treasure the location and the share. Thank you!